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Thursday, 3 November 2011

19th August 1940 - 2nd Campaign Game

A pair of Hurricanes (Beck & Graham) from Green section bounce a  Schwarm of Bf-109E-1

Ady played the RAF and I played the Luftwaffe.

A schwarm of Bf109E1 has been strafing facilities around Portsmouth. Beck & Graham are dispatched to intercept. Although the Bf109 are low on ammunition they are led by Top Ace Gunter Schmidt. 

Green Section

Green 1 -  Sgt Beck - Junior Ace
Green 2 -  Sgt Graham - Regular

The mission starts well for the RAF, Beck and Graham scream onto the tails of the enemy fighters

Graham shoots one down and Beck badly damaging another that limps off. But, they are no match for Gunter who turns on them, initially getting on the tail of Becks Hurricane, a stream of bullets rip through Becks fuselage, killing him instantly, Graham tries to intervene but another burst from Schmidt does for his plane and he is forced to bail out.

Totals now, 4 Hurricanes lost, 6 Me110 and 1 Bf109 shot down.