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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Saga Louts

Myself, Padge, Greg & Ben played a game of Saga tonight.

Greg and Ben played the Anglo-Danish, Padge and I played the Vikings. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, but here are some of the Dark Age Saxons that I used as the Anglo-Danish and to make up the numbers with the Vikings:

The Anglo-Danish used one Warlord, two units of four Huscarls, three units of eight Ceorls and a unit of twelve Geburs, the Vikings used a Warlord, two units of six Hirdmen, two units of eight Bondi and a unit of twelve Thralls.

I had played twice before but none of the others had any experience, so very much a learning exercise for us all.

We played the Clash of Warlords scenario and after six turns victory was awarded to the Anglo-Danish, they had remaining their Warlord, one unit of one Huscarl, one unit of five Ceorls, one unit of five Geburs whereas the Vikings only had the Warlord and ten Thralls left.

It's a great game and I'd recommend you give it a try.