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Sunday, 26 February 2012

More 8th Army for Blitzkreig Commander

This week, I've been slowly working my way through the last few unpainted vehicles and infantry. I've not got as much done as I would have hoped, but have gotten a few stands finished.

All the infantry are Adler and the vehicles are GHQ.

Here are the troops in today's update:

Four command stands, eight infantry stands, one 3" mortar, three Vickers, two 25-pdr and three Crusader I

Command Crusader I and three Crusader I, I still have another to paint.

Crusader I

Command Crusader I

Two GHQ 25-pdr with Adler crews

Another view of the 25-pdrs

Eight infantry stands

Close-up of infantry stand.

Another infantry stand close-up, these Adlers are really well detailed 6mm figures

Three Vickers HMG teams

Pair of 3" mortars and crew

Command teams

Command Daimler Armoured Car, I have four of these left to paint.

Infantry command team

Infantry command team with 15 cwt truck
Loads of Blitzkreig Commander troops painted, one of these days, I may actually get a game of it.