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Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday - Big Napoleonics Game - The action

Post two in our Black Powder Napoleonics game played out on the May Day Bank Holiday (Monday 7th May) at Maelstrom Games. The first post detailing the set-up of the game can be found here.

It was a six hour game and I was quite focussed on my sector of the battle, so this report will likely be a bit sketchy and some of my co-players may come along and correct me in a few places. There are lots of pictures, but unfortunately I did not have my better camera with me.

The figures are from the collection of myself, Adie MacWalter, Quinton Dalton, Trevor Allen and James Woodward.

Game On

Early Phase

The Austrians started slowly, obviously deciding that they did not have a chance of taking the village before the French got there, the three position batteries were placed on the hill overlooking the village. Along the line the Austians and Russians made a slow advance.
The French moved swiftly to capture the village, one battalion of Old Guard were ensconced in the village pub and were passing pints through the pub window to their mates in the open ground behind.

The French left and centre moved slowly, but the the Legere brigade on the right moved swiftly towards the woods. Soon the French were in possession of the village and one crossroads and were threatening the other crossroads.

Trevors two infantry brigades advance on the Austrian Advance Guard

On the extreme left a Horse Battery deploys

An Austrian Brigade of Germans advances on the open ground to the right of the village.

The French hold the village and line the walls by the junction on the left

Austrian Grenadier advance on the French.

French Hussars on the left

Middle Phase

Despite being hit constantly by three Position batteries the Old Guard holding the village were relatively unscathed so the Austrians launched two units of Hungarians against the village, a deadly fight ensued, but the Old Guard retained the village. On the right the Legere contested the woods with the Austrian skirmishers, but the Austrian Grenadiers were putting the other French Brigade on the right under great pressure.
On the French left little headway was being made by either side.

To the right of the village a heavy fight ensues,

In the centre the Austrian lancers take on a French battery

In the balance

Austrian Grenadiers go in

Adies Russians take on my 4 Battalion brigade

The fight for the village continues, the Old Guard hole on

Trevs columns try to clear the Grenz from the cornfields

The Legere and Russians face off

Somebody will put a charge in soon

The Austrians cannot take the village

Final Phase

The Brigade of four French line on the right is broken by the Grenadiers, but the Austrians Line Brigade on that side is also broken and the Grenadiers are not broken but are in a bad way. The seven Battalion French Brigade opposing the Germans in the centre are also Shaken. But during the hard fighting for the village the Hungarian battalion is also broken.

Trying to make a breakthrough on the left, the Austrians commit the cavalry from the Grenadier brigade to take out the two batteries of artillery causing such problems for them on the flank of the village. The guns are destroyed but the French lancers take out the Hussars in return.

The Austrians commit their heavy cavalry, the French Lancer/Dragoon brigade is Shaken, but the French Cuirassiers in return break the Austrian Heavy Cavalry. On the right, the French finally break the Austrian Advance Guard.

Both sides are now a single Shaken Brigade from having their armies finished off. The Russians are facing an untouched French Brigade in the centre, four shots and four failed Moral Saves and one Russian Musketeer battalion is shaken. In a round of combat another Russian Musketeer Battalion is shaken.

The French have carried the day.

Austrian Hussars take out the French Artillery

The Old Guard have a strong grip on the village

French and Austrians in the centre

It will all be decided against these Russians

Here they come

Vive l' France

Still trying to clear those Grenz

Another shot of those lovely Russians

The French unable to make headway in the centre

The village will not fall

Austrian Cuirassiers

Russian Infantry

Austrian Cuirassiers

German Infantry

Those Hungarian Grenz again

The French who will eventually carry the day

Hungarians forced into square

Austrian Grenadiers under pressure

The Grands Frères are committed

We had a great day of it with the bonus of a French victory. Thanks to all the chaps for making it happen.