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Friday, 15 June 2012

Club Night Black Powder Napoleonics

I had spoken to Cameron on the Warlord Games forum a few weeks ago and discovering that he was in Nottingham invited him along to the White Hart for his first game of Black Powder.

We were initially going to play American Civil War, but as James was at a loose end we opted to play Napoleonics using James' British against my Frenchmen.

I used my standard pick-up game 100-day French Force:

Divisional Commander - CV7
Brigade Commander - CV8
1 Line Infantry (elite 5+)
4 Line Infantry
1 Foot Battery
Brigade Commander - CV7
3 Line Infantry
Brigade Commander - CV8
1 Veteran Hussars (Reliable, +1 Attack)
1 Dragoons
1 Horse Battery

James also used a 100-day British force:

Divisional Commander - CV8
Brigade Commander - CV7

3 Line Infantry
1 Horse Artillery Battery

Brigade Commander - CV7

2 Line Infantry

1 Highlander Infantry

Brigade Commander - CV8
1 Highland Light Infantry
1 Small Rifles
Brigade Commander - CV7

2 Dragoons

All the figures were from the collection of myself and James, all the French were painted by me, James and Adie did most of the British and some of his cavalry was picked up on Ebay.

Cameron would partner up with James, I would partner up with Matt, another chap at the White Hart for the first time.

Cameron and James will take the British

James and I will play Napoleon. Never trust a solicitor with a camera, he managed to get us out of focus with a digital compact! 
The British took the first turn, the Rifles moved forwards slightly then Cameron committed  his central brigade. Three moves! Unfortunately the rest of the British declined to join in with the fun leaving him rather exposed.
Cameron's Folly
Seizing the opportunity, the Hussars charge the exposed infantry forcing them into square, the Horse Artillery is brought up and the destruction begins.

That will learn them.
Cameron counters by charging his Scots Greys into the offending Hussars. He takes two casualties and inflicts 4 on me. So I'm on a test at -1. As expected I throw a 4 and they are destroyed taking my Horse Artillery with them.

The British troops on the flank stop lolly-gagging and move up. The British Horse Artillery is also advanced.

Curse the Rosbifs
A proper battle now develops. The British advance guard in the center is shattered. The Scots Greys having seen off the Hussars are caught by a unit of Frenchmen in line who with particular prowess at arms call out 'Tirez' and the Scots Greys are shattered.
In a master stroke the French Cavalry Commander Dubois does a follow me and then charges the British Heavy Dragoons from the flank and managed to lose combat and throw a 3. Classic!

After some swift combats we both end up with two broken brigades, so both armies withdraw the field licking their wounds.

Here are some more shots from the game.

Pretty much all the infantry action was in the center and on the right.

British line prepares to test column. In the ensuing melee both sides took four unsaved casualties - ouch. It was this melee that led to both armies being broken simultaneously.

Vive l' France

Come on you Rosbifs