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Friday, 30 November 2012

Saga Action with Rich

On Tuesday Rich and I played a game of Saga at Maunsfield Games. Rich had not played before so I lent him a four point Anglo-Danish list with a Warlord, two units of four Huscarles and two units of eight Ceorls. I used my Vikings and had my Warlord, two units of four Hirdmen and two units of eight Bondi.

We settled down to play the game and explain the rules to Rich. In the first game it went too and fro for six turns until I was left with my Warlord and three Bondi, while Rich had his Warlord, one Huscarle and one Ceorl. Then he managed to duff up my Warlord on the last turn.

In the second game I surged forwards using the Viking ability to shed fatigue and launched the majority of my force at the center of his army, fluffed my attacks and had lost my Warlord by turn three.

I'm going to stop teaching newbies how to play Saga it's getting far too depressing :-)

Next Tuesday we are playing again, I think there should be at least four of us and I may get to play somebody who is not a newbies so may stand a chance of winning.

Bondi prepare to clear the Ceorles from the village.

Saxon Warlords and his Huscarles.

Bondi and Hirdmen are urged forwards by their Warlord.

Viking Warlord about to go down!