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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Waterloo Light on a Tuesday Night

On Tuesday Evening at Maunsfield myself, Phil, Paddy and Paul had a pick-up game of Napoleonic Black Powder.

Myself and Pete were using French where Paddy and Paul used British and Prussians respectively.

We set up a 12ft x 4ft table, myself and Paddy faced off along one flank while Pete and Paul faced off along the other. As it was pretty much a pickup game and as Paul and Paddy had no played much before, each player was allowed eight battalions of foot, three regiments of horse and two batteries of artillery.

A close fought battle ensued. Paddy soon broke the French Division of Pete and I had eventually broken Paddys' British. Paul was now sweeping towards me when darkness fell.

Here are some shots from the game, I am still pretty much getting to grips with the camera.

Paddys' first British brigade

One of my French brigades

Paddys' other foot brigade

Petes French

Pauls Prussians

My French get stuck into the British line

The British are soon broken and falling back

The Prussians prepare to fall on Petes French Division


  1. Gorgeous armies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic looking troops. Black Powder is also my choice for Napoleonic rules. BTW, 4' wide playing space sounds like it may have been tight for manuevering, especially for the cavalry. Best, Dean

  3. Playing on 4ft deep is a pain, we use 2/3 distances which alleviates the problem slightly, but it really is best played on a 6ft depth.

  4. Love the write up Paul. I look forward to another one soon.