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Monday, 25 February 2013

More Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings

Twelve Thralls with bows
Before I went on holiday I posted some images of those lovely new Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings that Johnny had sent me.

Whilst we were in Cornwall I painted up the four Berserkers and twelve Thrall with bows and on our return I did the bases and gave them all a coat of matt varnish. I find that some figures are really easy to paint and these fellows took the paint particularly well.

They are lovely figures designed by Bill Thornhill and I understand that all being well they will be released at Salute 2013.
Four Berserkers

Now they are painted, these will join my existing Saga Viking made up of Shieldwall figures and takes me up to Warlord plus six points.

This is the final update for the painting done while in Cornwall last week, but I think that the 42 figures painted constitutes a good haul.

Here are some close ups: