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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saga - for a change

I've not played Saga for ages so Phil and I organised a game for Wednesday. Nick became available to so I decided to set up a Feast for Crows.

Nick and Phil had not been to the new venue for the club, and after some introductions we got down to playing. Both Nick and I were using Vikings. I had Warlord, two units of Hirdmen, a unit of Berserkers and a unit of Bondi. Nick had a Warlord, one unit of Hidmen, a unit of Berserkers and two units of Bondi, one fielded at 4, the other at 12. Phil used his Jomsvikings with his Warlord, two units of Hearthguard and two units of Warriors.

Nicks Vikings
We set up in our respective corners, and all being Vikings initially rushed towards a huge melee in the centre. I lost a unit of Bersekers and a unit of Hirdmen taking out the large unit of Nicks Bondi - not a good exchange. I decided then to back off a bit and let Phil and Nich go at it. This was a pretty bad mistake on my part as I caused hardly any kills while Phil and Nick went at it hammer and tongs.

At the end of the game, Phil had killed Nicks Warlord and thus overtaken him in kill points, I was a lackluster 3rd place.

We spent so long chatting and playing I only got a few images, these are some of the best of them.

My Vikings