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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chain of Command Burma 1945

On Thursday evening Quinton and I had another game of Chain of Command using my Burma 1945 collection.

This was a very similar set of stating troops to the previous game with the Japanese taking a standard Infantry Platoon and the British taking an Infantry Platoon with an additional Infantry section. The Japanese were utilised from the list of my own devising that can be found at this link.

Following the patrol phase the jump-off points were as shown on the right, the British in red and the Japanese in yellow.

The British had a Force Moral of 10 to a 9 for the Japanese. As the British had the higher Force Moral they took the first turn and I rolled my first set of order dice, in my fourth game of Chain of Command we had finally ended a turn before one had even started! You can see the result on the left

What a milestone!

In the Japanese turn a section of infantry and the platoon sergeant were deployed in the village at bottom left. The British countered with a double move and their light mortar and an infantry section deployed opposite the village and two more section of infantry at the top jump-off point.

The Japanese grenade launcher section arrived and started a devastating bombardment on one of the British sections. The British pushed on towards the top of the table and soon the Platoon Sergeant led a bayonet charge against one of the Japanese sections, it was a hard fight, the Japanese Platoon commander was killed outright along with seven of his comrades, but nine British were killed in return and the British ran away, with the Platoon Sergeant and the Section Leader wounded. Fortunately, in the next British turn the Platoon Sergeant left the shattered section because the Japanese then rolled another three sixes and ended the turn.

The Japanese attempted to push on, but came under withering fire, the British Platoon Sergeant again grabbed a section and launched them in a charge on to the Japanese but even with all the odds in their favour the dice did not go their way and again they were falling back in disarray, but were soon rallied before they were broken.

A stalemate ensued, the Japanese were suffering a lot of shock points but the British had insufficient troops to press an advantage, the Japanese grenade launchers were causing great devastation. Both sides had been reduced to a Force Moral of 5, something was bound to give soon,

In the meanwhile we had ended another two turns, this is very much a first, in our previous games we had never ended the first turn and by now we were on our fifth turn in this game.

It was getting towards 10PM and I had had an early flight from Hamburg that morning, it was time to force a decision. My Platoon Commander gathered the remnants of a section and launched themselves against a battered Japanese section, unfortunately, I had another poor run of dice and it would be game over!

A great game of Chain of Command again, And this time we had not one but five turns!