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Copyright © 2019, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

¡En el filo! - the next step

With a pair of new boots and a carbine taken from a dead comrade Al-Makawi returned to the lines and reported to the olive grove where the Teniente had made his makeshift headquarters overlooking the village of Gran Salchichas.

"Sargento Primero, how did you fare at the hospital?" Arrojo asked.

"Ahmed and Youssef are in paradise, Abdou will never walk again and Tarek will likely not last the week." Al-Makawi replied, "However, Ibrahim, Whalid and Mostapha are now fit for duty and keen to rejoin their comrades."

"Hasan and Anwar returned while you were away, so we are nearing full strength again." Arrojo continued, "and those Republican scum did not make a move while you were gone. It appeared at one stage that Durutti was going to come at us, but they wavered and they have instead spent their time erecting barricades"

Al-Makawi and Arrojo surveyed the village of Gran Salchichas, it was time to roust the troops from their camp-fires and push on against the Republicans. This time they would skirt around the village and attack from a new angle hopefully with more cover. There would be no quarter given to the Republican scum. The Anarchists had been hiding behind the Assault Guards for too long, soon there would be a revolt among the Asaltos if they kept taking casualties at that level while Durutti and his cronies cowered behind.

As the previous game was a draw, no player held the initiative so James and I had a roll-ff to determine initiative. I rolled a creditable 5, but James rolled a 6, so the Republicans now had the initiative. Rather than attacking me, James elected to fortify his position and pass the initiative back to me. That meant I could launch my next attack bolstered by the troops that were due to have missed that next game.

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