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Copyright © 2017, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Salute Haul

Well another Salute has been and gone and I am resting my weary feet after ten hours stood on a concrete floor.

So what did I buy at Salute?

Well, I had a pre-order with Empress for a Bilbao armoured car, 16 Falangists and a 75mm gun. I also had to pick up 16 Guardia Civilia and a dozen Republican Militia that were in payment for some painting I did for Tony.

Apart from this I was very restrained:
16 more Empress Falangists - £22.00
1 Empress Flashman - £3.00
1 Empress Grandson of Flashman - £3.00
2 packs of Renedra bases, 20mm and 30mm rounds - £6.00
The free 'Maud' figure - £0.00

John also gave me his freebie Che Guevara miniature from Wargames Illustrated.

Apart from the pre-order (£59.00) only £34.00 spent, I almost came back with more cash than I went with after the chaps had paid me back for their hotel rooms.