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Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Spanish property boom continues

I forgot to add - Happy May Day to all my Worker Comrades.

I'm wearing my Major Atlee Company T-shirt in commemoration and in preparation for my SCW campaign game with James tonight.

Anyway, on to the matter in hand.

In preparation for my Spanish Civil War campaign game tonight with James I have made another Spanish house.

This time it is a L-shaped building with a high fenced storage area. As usual it is made out of a structure of foam-core and scarp card, the doors, fences and eaves are made from coffee stirrers and the roof is made from Wills pantiles, the whole lot is on a 200mm sq piece of hardboard. 

The pantiles are the most expensive part of this, but even factoring in that cost I don't think these buildings cost more than three quid each to make.

Talking to folks down the club last week, I said that I think that the amount of time taken to build one of these is about the same as it takes to clean up a similar sized resin building ready for painting.

Following on from my article about basing, I'll see if I cannot do the same for building your own houses. 

If I keep on at the current rate of one building per fortnight then we will be having a fair sized town to fight over at Partizan in September.

Here are a few more shots. The light was not so good before I set of this morning.