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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Another "To The Strongest Punic" Wars game

Martin and I dug out our Punic Wars collections yesterday evening and gave Quinton and Ady a demo of the system. Myself and Quinton took the Carthaginains while Ady and Martin had the Romans.

The Romans deployed heavy on their right with two Alae and all their cavalry holding that side while an allied contingent of Italians with many light troops covered their entire left flank. We deployed the Africans in the centre with the Gauls to their right and the Numidians to their left.

I pretty much let Quint run the show on our side and it was probably for the best as he is a lucky booger!

The Numidians spent all game drawing out the Roman horse and even when our supply of javelins were exhausted continued to keep them out of the game. On our right the Gallic horse made a wide sweep while the Gallic warbands admirably held their place in the line, two of the Warbands spent most of the game 'double disordered' but Adys Legionaries were unable to capitalise on them before their flank was crushed by the Gallic cavalry.

In the centre the African infantry continued a stead grind against the Romans. It looked like the game was up when their flank was turned, but the Roman general commanding the flank attacked 'double aced' his first turn and then was unable to cause sufficient damage on his subsequent attacks before the Roman army was broken and all was lost.