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Sunday, 5 June 2016

El Cid painting update - 6th June 2016

Not quite the output of last weeks update but still I've added more painted figures to the collection.

First of all, half a dozen from the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range to be used as Christian Caballeros or Jinetes.

These are lovely figures, but rather spoiled by some frankly amateur mould cutting, even after a good clean up you still find many rips and casting vents well into the painting process.

I cleaned up another 20 of these this week so hope to have more updates over the coming months.

A close-up of that standard bearer.

I also painted another three African Spearmen and a Black Guard to add to the existing units worked on last week. It brings the Black Guard up to 21 and the African spears up to 27, more in line with my existing units. These are all from Gripping Beast.

As a bit of whimsy I also painted the Gripping Beast Islamic Priest as a mystic on a flying carpet, no use for my El Cid games but my central character if I decide to play some more Frostgrave.

Finally, another Islamic standard bearer to be used in some unit in the future, he shall not be 'counted' in the tally until properly based as part of a unit.

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