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Sunday, 15 October 2017

American Civil War: Union (3)

Regular readers shall likely know that I've been back in Europe, both on business and then to the UK to visit friends and family so there has not been much progress on the blog.

Before I went away I made a start on a second box of Perry ACW Union Infantry sticking most of them together and getting them primed. This week assisted by some very early morning wake ups due to jet-lag I managed to get a dozen painted and based.

They are done using the same palette as the previous batches, and again, the highlights on the blues have not photographed so well, I can promise you that they are there though.

I also picked up some movement trays for eight figures from Warbases so I shall be able to organise my 'groups' in our Sharp Practice games. I've painted up the first three and think that they shall work out very well.

Here are a few individual close-ups, you may be able to see some of those pesky highlights.

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