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Sunday, 28 January 2018

American Civil War: Confederates (8)

More progress on the growing forces for our Sharp Practice games. This week another group of eight Confederate cavalry join the ranks. All are made from Perry Miniatures components, mainly the Plastic American Civil War Cavalry set. I did add some headgear from the infantry set and a couple of right arms from the artillery set.

For the last lot of Confederate horse I did not do any with swords so they are rather over represented in this batch.

I also added a corporal to the ranks. The greys are a mix of Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform, Basalt Grey and Neutral Grey to give a variety of shades.

The difference between the Luftwaffe Uniform and the Neutral Grey show quite nicely on this one.

The final chap has a Neutral Grey kepi and a Basalt Grey shell jacket, the rolled greatcoat is Luftwaffe Uniform, showing the three different shades.

To finish off this weeks update I added a load of a pay chest and a base to the hand cart that I painted last month.