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Copyright © 2019, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 3 September 2018

American Civil War: Union (14)

I've had a break from painting ACW these past month and have been working on the Maximillian 1934 collection, but these chaps have been 'on deck' for a while. Indeed five of the horses have been painted for a couple of months at least.

This week I finished off the last three horses then made a start on the riders, giving them a speed-paint of base-coat, wash and two or three highlights to get them done. They are a bit rough, but make a nice addition of a second group of horsemen for our Sharp Practice games set in the American Civil War.

All are from the Perry Miniature ACW Cavalry set.

Here are a few close ups of some of the individuals.

The guidon is from Warflag, printed off at my local Office Depot.

All the figures are mounted on Renedra 20mm x 45mm cavalry bases.

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