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Sunday, 21 October 2018

A bloody action at Mirror Lake

Thursday evening we convened for another game of Sharp Practice using my ACW collection. Bruce and I played the Union troops while Drew and Seth again played the Confederates.

The forces were based upon last weeks game but with a few more troops for the Union as we played the Attack on an Objective scenario.

 The table was laid out as the photo above with a farm and orchard on on flank and woods, boggy ground and rolling hills covering the rest. The objective would be in the top right corner,

Wary of the Confederate cannon the Union tried to push to the left through the woodlands, but deft use of three 'four command card' activations pushed their cavalry down the right flank to allow them to dismount and form up on the Confederate right flank.

The Confederate horse were much less subtle and made a gambit to grab ground in the centre. Union skirmishers deployed into the farm from their secondary deployment point and soon the Confederate cavalrymen started to suffer. Eventually their leader was wounded and they had amassed enough shock to see them breaking for the rear.

The Union force advanced under a steady and accurate fire from the Confederate Napoleon which eventually forced back the right hand end of the Union line. Both forces created their firing lines and some brisk volleys ensued.

It was pretty much settled though when the Major commanding the Union forces was shot from his saddle, although the game ended with both forces on Force Morale 3 the absence of the senior leader made it much harder for the Union forces to control the shock taken in the firefight.

We declared a minor victory to the Confederacy as they still held the objective.

More photos from the game, again thanks for Drew for taking the additional shots.

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