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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Hundred Years War: French (20)

Chum Tony sent me some spare Claymore Castings figures that he had and I've painted them up to add to the ranks of Frenchmen that I've been working on.

From what I can tell they are all from the OT17, OT18 and OT19 English Billmen packs. I did not have weapons for them so they have all been re-purposed as spearmen using 50mm spears from Northstar

The figures are very nicely sculpted and are quite slight so fit in well with the Perry Miniatures that make up the bulk of my Hundred Years War collection.

The Claymore range is a based on the earlier Hundred Years War so the equipment is a little early for my Agincourt era games, but I think that it's unlikely that a town armoury would throw anything useful away that could be used to repel the English raiders.


  1. Fabulous, I also use a number of claymore miniatures for my early french and English

  2. Lovely medieval French, nicely done!

  3. Lovely animated figures, nicely painted and it makes sense that second line troops won't be the most up to date with their equipment!
    Best Iain

  4. They look just the ticket. Mixed in with the other lot the earlier equipment should blend in nicely.