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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mansfield Wargames Club Christmas Wargame

Last Thursday we had our annual Christmas Wargame at Maunsfield Gaming. Quinton had set up a 'Baron Munchhausen' scenario and we turned up with our Black Powder armies to play.

Each team had a town at the corner of the table. In the center was a large area of woodland, and in the centre of that a Chateau containing fabulous treasures. Each faction would try to make it away with as much gold (chocolate coins) as possible.

The 12ft x 6ft table laid out.
The first team was Adie and Paul with a mixed force of Russians and Prussian, Alan and James had combined French, Trev and Pete had French and British, whereas I made a team on my own with French.

Alan and James Frenchies
Each turn each team rolled a dice and starting with the highest scoring team each team took their turn, alliances could be forged and broken, chocolate could be filched from the enemy and maybe some combat would take place.

At the start of each turn every player was given a random card (or not so random in some instances) where you could add or lose units or have your turn phase completely shafted (thanks Quint!).

In order to get to the Chateau you had to negotiate the woods, moving through them could result in penalties, such as losing your unit completely or taking casualties, or you could get bonuses such as +2 stamina, +2 attacks, etc.

My troops march out of my village
I started in my corner and immediately made a bee-line for the Chateau whilst screening my force from my closest opponents - Pete and Trev. We eventually formed a loose alliance and set off to the Chateau to face off against an alliance of the other two teams. Upon answering a bonus card correctly, my force was joined by a unit of 'Time Mercenaries' two units of Hoods Texas brigade - hurrah!

I managed to filch a few chocolate coins, and I don't doubt had a few of my own filched too. Karsten arrived after lunch to assist me with the mission.

We had a great time and at the end Adie was the winner with the most chocolate coins, never trust a policeman when there is chocolate money to be filched :)

That evening those of us still about retired to the Masala where we ate a fantastic curry and continued the back stabbing and double dealing with a game of Munchkins between courses - I don't know what the other diners must have thought.

I had a new camera for Christmas, I'm still learning with it, but I may have overdone the photos.

Another shot of my force

A close up of my French

More of my French

James's French

James's French

Pauls Prussians

Adies Russians

My French

Adies Russians

Close up of one of my French Battalions

Alan, James and Trev

Alan, Adie and James while Trev dashes out of sight doing the Funky Turkey!

Paul, Trev, James, Alan and Pete

We drew quite a crowd of spectators


  1. Great looking game and sounds a lot of fun

  2. A great lighthearted game but some seriously painted and good looking troops. I would definitely take heavy casualties if the objective was chocolate coins!
    All the best in 2013!

  3. Would be very interested in OB's and all pertinent rules for casualties moving through woods, etc. How do you lose a phase in your turn, etc..

    1. That was all Quitons doing and I don't recall it much at all apart from low rolls were bad and high rolls were good when moving in woods and he had done a load of event cards that were handed out at the start of each round.

      My force was one brigade of four battalions of Ligne and a Foot battery, one brigade of four battalions of Ligne, one brigade of one brigade of one battalion of Ligne and two battalions of Legere and the final brigade was one regiment of Dragoons, one regiment of Hussars and one Horse battery.