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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday 19 May 2022

Waaagh Scrivs and the Stinkies


Yesterday Peter and I met up at Warhammer World for another game of Warhammer 40K. I took the Orks as usual, Pete spun the roulette wheel of selecting from his many armies and used his great looking Death Guard.

Both of us had forgotten to pack our rule books, what a pair of supposedly mature chaps we are, so we decided to use Tempest of War for our game instead, which was great as I've been hoping to do that for a while.

We ended up with opposite quarter deployments and a capture/scan for the primary objectives. I cannot exactly recall what Peter used, some Warlord, a Psyker, another character, a unit of Terminators, two units of Marines, two huge units of Pox Walkers, a large vehicle with a mortar, two floaty flamer things and a buggy thing with plasma cannons.

I took Warlord, Weirdboy, two units of Boyz, two units of Beast Snaggas, one unit of Grots, a Mek, a unit of Nobs, two units of Deffkopters, two Deff Dredds and for the first time a unit of Killa Kans and the newly painted Trukk.

Pete took first turn and had a great first psychic and shooting phase, pretty much wiping out one of the units of Boyz, a couple of Deffkopters and a Killa Kan, but was unable to get any points from secondary's. I "First turn Waaaghed" and was into him quickly, a unit of Nobs was Da Jumped into his rear and the Boyz let rip with the shootas into the Pox walkers and charged mob handed, the Nobs tore into the plague shooting mortar thing. By the end of the turn I had picked up 10 points of secondary's.

Turn two and things got a bit messy, the terminators and unit of marines in reserve were bought on and the Trukk was badly shot up along with most of the Nobz, but remained in the game holding the objective. The damned pox walkers and some orb thrown at it put a ton of mortal wounds on my Warboss who expired, but the lads were generally still in the game. Peter was still unable though to score any of his secondary's and was rapidly burning through his CP.

In retaliation the remaining couple of Nobz mashed up the mortar thing some more and the Pox walkers were pretty much wiped out to a man, the Marines that charged my Trukk full of shooters took three wounds from opportunity fire, who says Orks cannot shoot, well me mostly!

Mission rules meant no Warlord, no CP for me so Deff Dredd and Kopters joined in the big mash up in the middle and put paid to a pair of the Deathguard characters while the other Deff Dredd joined in the Trukk fight and the Orks debussed into combat. Mush mashing up ensued.

The Deathguard Psyker survived but double sixed is next psyker test putting six wounds on the Deff Dredd and three wounds on himself!

We had to call at the end of turn four as I needed to get back to work, I'd been slowly racking up the primary points, but had really scored big on the secondary's giving the Orks a solid victory.

Great game again, we usually play every other week, but Peter is away next time so it's likely to be late June or July before we get to battle again.

Thursday 12 May 2022

Da Boyz git sum Weelz


The Boyz are tired of walking so have dragged a load of rusty scrap out of the junkyard and demanded the Mek gets it battle ready.

Of  course to fit in with my theme the finished product still looks like a load of rusty scrap, but the boyz like that sort of thing.

The Trukk is a nice enough kit, but it's showing it's 15 year vintage, none of the parts are numbered and there are a lot of mould lines, some of which I missed in the clean up.

I wanted a stripped down look so left off the boarding ramps and some of the armour plates, red ones may go faster but lighter ones go even faster still. 

I still need to figure out how this will fit into the battle plans, maybe as a Nob delivery taxi, maybe to keep some Boyz alive an extra turn.

I also finished off the last model in the backlog, I forgot to do the ammo grunt with the last unit of Nobz so he got finished.

I've run out of models to paint now and the two Really Useful Boxes this army fits in are packed full. Do I need any more Orks? Maybe?

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Stompy, Stomp, Stomp for Waaagh Scrivs

I've painted up some heavy support for Waaagh Scrivs this week with a Deff Dredd and a trio of Killa Kans joining the mob.

Twin big shoota and two klaws

I added another rusty Deff Dredd to the force, like the previous one I've left all the arms and weapons and un-glued so that different options can be selected although I'm pretty wedded to three Klaws and a Skorcha combo.

Skorcha, kustom blasta and two klaws

Four klaws

I also picked up a set of Killa Kans for the mob, I think that with the better BS these will be useful to hold an objective and provide long range support while the Orks surge forwards.

Big shoota and kan klaw

I've stuck on the Kan Klaw but again left the weapons loose so that they can be swapped around.

Big shoota and kan klaw

Big shoota and kan klaw

Grotzooka and kan klaw

On paper the Grotzooka looks a poor choice but I'm still tempted to take it.

Grotzooka and kan klaw

Grotzooka and kan klaw

Kan klaw and rokkit launcha

Kan klaw and rokkit launcha

Kan klaw and rokkit launcha

Probably the least effective load out is likely the skorcha, if you can get some BS 4+ troops in the force then you probably don't want to have this option.

Kan klaw and skorcha

Coming soon to a game near you!

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Waaagh Scrivs meets the Death Wing

Thursday evening saw Matt and I playing 40K again. Last time we played Matt shot me to pieces with his Crimson Fists so I hid to win the game on objectives. This time he had bought his Dark Angels Death Wing and we would be fielding 1000pt forces.

Matt had a Chaplain, six Angels of Death thingies, one large squad of Terminators that he chose to break into two and a squad of Terminators with hammers, shields etc. I had my Warboss in Mega-armour, two mobs of 10 Beast Snaggas, one mob of 10 Grots, one mob of 6 Nobs, two mobs of 3 Deff Kopters and a Deff Dredd 

We rolled up the Divide and Conquer scenario. Matt elected to deep strike with his Chaplain and Angels of Death while I put everything on the table.

Matt won the first turn roll-off and elected to let me move first, I moved out to snag objectives. The Deffkopters plastered his Terminators and Matt made seven three-plus saves, this would become a pattern. I War-pathed my Nobs and then Da Jumped them behind the Terminators on my right. 

Skorch, charge, crump, crump, crump and a single unsaved wound, bugger, return strikes saw the Nobs all mashed up. I also buffed the Deff Dredd and tried to join this combat, but, needing 10+ on 3d6 with a reroll failed, buggeration!

Matt did not have a lot of shooting, so his fist turn just saw some wounds piled onto the Deff Dredd. 

Normally in my second turn I'd declare Waaagh, but as the Angels of Death had yet to appear and me being quite a way away it was not worth it. The Deff Kopters continue their onslaught against the Terminators, again Matt makes a bucket load of 3+ saves!

Turn two and the Angels of Death beam down and manage to make a 9" charge against my Warboss, who fortunately makes his saves and stays in the fight. More desultory fire from the Terminators.

Turn three and it's time to Waaagh! 

I've not caused a wound since the Nobs messed up their charge in turn one, and the next wound is inflicted by a Grotblaster! The Deffkopters also finally come good when they dispatch two Terminators with their Rokkits, but they really should have been doing at this rate every turn since the first turn.

The Warboss is joined in combat by a couple of units of Beast Snaggas, but my Weirdboy fails his Perils of the Warp and puts three mortal wounds on himself!

I thin out the Angels of Death a bit, but "Mace boy" cuts a swathe through one of the mobs. 

By turn four it's pretty much over, the inability to thin their ranks in the first few round tells and the writing is on the wall, by the end of the Deathwing phase there are no Orks left on the table and Matt secures a solid victory.

Thanks to Sam for the photos, I hardly took any and what I did came out rubbish.