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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

American Civil War: Confederates (23)

This weekend I finished off another artillery piece from the Perry Miniatures artillery set that I've been working my way through.

This time the gun is modelled as a 3-inch rifle.

The barrels are solid cast, but I drill out a few millimetres  with a pin vice to make them look a little less flat.

On this one I even remembered to paint and add the bucket that comes on the frame, very handy if you are a gunner!

This crew is all posed as if they are re-positioning the piece to face a new target, #1 and #2 manouver the wheels while #3 hauls on the hand-spike and the #4 coordinates the efforts.

All are painted in a common uniform, a base-coat of VMC Basalt Grey for the kepi and coats and a base-coat of VMC Neutral Grey for the trousers.

I do think that doing the guns one at a time is much more easier than trying to do all three in the battery at once.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Hundred Years War: English (16)

This post sees the return of the Hundred Years War project that I spent a lot of time on during the past 18 months.

I've collected more than enough figures to do a good sized re-fight of Agincourt using either To The Strongest! or Hail Caesar, but why stop there, so I've picked up three more boxes of the Perry Miniatures plastics plus half a dozen packs of the metals, so it's off I go again.

These figures represent a contingent of English Men at Arms in the service of Baron Talbot. The banner is from Battleflag

The Men at Arms are all from the Agincourt Foot Knights set while the banner bearer and musician are from the Foot command advancing pack.

 As usual the plastics are a delight to assemble, although that war-hammer snaps every time, and the metals are a bugger to clean up, but all take paint really well.

I did my usual basecoat, wash, three highlights method that gives a result on these that I'm very happy with.

The sabot bases were a custom order from Warbases.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

American Civil War: Union (19)

One thing our recent Longstreet campaign has taught me is that you can probably never have enough command stands, so when I made a recent order to Perry Miniatures I added a couple of extra frames of Union command.

As one of the units in the campaign is the 2nd Wisconsin I modelled these all with Hardee Hats from the command sprue.

There was a single infantryman left over from the recent box I had painted so he had some paint slapped on at the same time as these four.

Flags as usual are from

Nicely chugging along with my total at the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

American Civil War: Confederates (22)

Following on from the 10lbr Rifle that I finished last week is another Confederate artillery piece, this time a 12lbr Howitzer also from the  Perry Miniatures American Civil War Artillery set.

We are playing a Longstreet campaign and one of my batteries has just acquired an howitzer, so it was a good excuse to get one painted.

On this model #2 is just about to put the shell in the barrel while #1 stands ready with the rammer to send it home. #3 is blocking the vent while #4 stands ready to attach the lanyard. You can do some nice dynamic poses with these Perry plastics.

Looking at the pictures though I did note that some dust had stuck to the rammers hat and made an unsightly string when the dull-cote was applied, fortunately I was able to pick this off so no damage done.

I'm making slow but steady progress with the painting these past few days, but hope to have another update by the weekend.

This gun represents another contribution to my total over at the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

American Civil War: Confederates (21)

I'm already feeling a little more productive this week and over a couple of sessions have cranked out a 10 pounder Parrott rifled gun for my ACW Confederates.

All the figures and the gun are from the American Civil War Artillery set from Perry Miniatures. A real bargain, especially if you buy some extra frames of guns.

I wanted these as quite regular so three of the four are in smart kepis and all are wearing pretty much regulation uniforms rather than the more irregular look I go for with the majority of the infantry.

#4 has just pulled the lanyard and #2 is observing the fall of the shot. I did think about modelling it with the wheels just off the ground in recoil, but reckoned that it would likely be a bit fragile for gaming.

I have another Confederate gun and crew almost done and hope to have that posted soon.

This takes me just over my 1000 point target over at the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

American Civil War: Union (18)

Our Longstreet campaign has reached 1863 and the first US Colored Troops are starting to make an appearance, as neither Drew nor myself had more than a handful of coloured troops painted it was time to rectify that situation.

Fortunately, I had a box of Perry Miniatures American Civil War Union Infantry in sack coats skirmishing and 2/3 of a pack of their black Union heads that Drew had shared with me.

It's quite a simple conversion to swap the heads, the old head is snipped off with wire cutters, a pilot hole drilled with a pin vise and then enlarged with a Dremmel, the new head is then super-glued in. Some of them are a bit of a rough fit, but I found fixing them with paint easier than using superglue.

The officer in the command group is the only unconverted one, I do like the sergeant with pistol one, I think he came out rather nicely. The flags as usual are from

I probably painted a few too many with non-regulation canvas haversacks, but don't think I'll be going back to fix that any time soon, or indeed ever.

The colours used are the same as my standard mix, with the flesh being done from a basecoat of VMC Chocolate Brown.

I thought I'd share the low tech photography setup I use; it's our breakfast bar, a Daylight lamp and the camera sits on a 'pod' which is basically a beanbag with a screw fit for the camera.

I've also entered these over at the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge here, I'm now tantalisingly close to my 1000pt target.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Longstreet Campaign: The Battle of The New Glarus Turnpike 12th June 1863


Wednesday evening saw another game in our Longstreet campaign where drew and I played out an action at the New Glarus Turnpike.

Confederate forces
Major General Gerald P. Whippam (EP:23) is a 31 year old Floridian and is already a Veteran of the Indian Wars and is accompanied by his personal Scout who's reliably provided the best ground to make a stand in earlier engagements. At the Battle of Battle of Keller's Heights Doctor Thaddeus Marle joined the force as Whippam's Personal Physician

Unit Type Elan Experience Strength Notes
21st Virginia CAV Seasoned Veterans 6
19th Texas INF Eager Recruits 2
4th South Carolina INF Seasoned Veterans 5 Hero: Sgt. Jones
2nd Florida INF Cautious Veterans 3 Sharpshooters
8th South Carolina INF Seasoned Veterans 6 Sharpshooters
27th Georgia INF Seasoned Veterans 3
10th Maryland INF Seasoned Recruits 3
18th NC INF Seasoned Recruits 6
Battery D Georgia Light Artillery ART - - 3 Two 12lb smoothbore, one 6lb smoothbore
Battery A 3rd Virginia Artillery ART - - 2 One 12lb smoothbore, one howitzer

Union forces

Elias Rogers (EP:9) is a 29 year old graduate of West Point and had made a career as an Artillery Officer in the United States army. He is a Leading Abolitionist and is steadfast in the cause. The Irish Catholic Fire and Brimstone Preacher Father Seamus O'Riordan has seen fit to attach himself to Colonel Rogers staff.

Unit Type Elan Experience Strength Notes
26th New York CAV Cautious Veterans 3 Hero: Sgt. Benson
20th Maine INF Cautious Veterans 2 Hero: Lt. Chamberlain
39th Ohio INF Cautious Veterans 2
10th Iowa INF Cautious Veterans 6
2nd Wisconsin INF Seasoned Veterans 6 Amalgamated with 15th VT
27th New Jersey INF Eager Recruits 8 Old Reliables
55th Massachusetts INF Eager Recruits 10 Colored troops
Battery B 6th US Artillery ART - - 3 One 6lb smooth-bores, Two light rifles
Battery E 10th Pennsylvania Artillery ART - - 3 One 12lb Napoleon, two heavy rifles

Randomising a scenario we would be playing the Crossroads game, which is quite handy as my gaming cloth already has one painted on it! Rolling for scouting my Scout failed yet again - he probably has in half the games we played in this campaign - so Drew chose to attack. Truth be known, with all those tiny units in my force I would have likely chosen to defend anyways.

The terrain was laid out as below, looking from the attackers side to the defenders.

With his superiority in artillery, more, guns, better guns and his Artillery Officer, I though I should try to deploy n a way that would preserve my troops from the devastating effects of the preparatory bombardment he would subject me to before launching his larger infantry regiments at me.

As was expected any troops that were initially deployed in sight of the Union guns immediately cam under fire so I had to withdraw them into cover and let the union troops march on while trying to inflict a few casualties of my own.

My broke box was filling up fast though as the tiny two and three stand units only had to lose a base or two to be broken. My plan though involved trying to cause as much damage as I could on my right flank with the 21st VA, 4th and 8th SC who were not in sight of the guns.

It was to nought though, the 27th NJ dislodged the 8th SC from their positions in the woods. On my left the 10th IA had swept aside the 19th TX then their charge drove the Batt. D GA Lt. Art. from the table and in the centre the badly battered 55th MA supported by the 20th ME held the crossroads.

For the first time in the campaign Whippam had been Whipped!

For his skilful handling of the troops Rogers was immediately promoted to Major General!

A few more shots from the game, thankfully Drew took rather a lot as I did not get too many myself.