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Thursday 30 May 2019

WWII Soviets reboot (2)

Last July Northstar had one of their sales and I snagged a few bargains including another load of Artizan Designs WWII Soviet infantry.

I managed to pick up four packs of SWWB08 - Soviet Army Squad II and a blister of now discontinued characters.

I've been trying to restrict the purchases of new figures lately and instead concentrate on painting the figures in the 'pile of shame', and as these were fairly near the top of said pile they were an easy pick.

The weather was rather lovely at the weekend so I sat out on the patio and got these figures cleaned up, stuck to bases and the pumice gel applied to them and on Sunday evening they got a coat of Rustoleum Khaki ready for starting painting on Monday when the weather turned much wetter.

I painted these in two distinct batches of 11 figures using my previously documented palette the first batch used Russian Uniform as the primary colour with some clothing etc. done in Field Drab while the second batch used Field Drab as the primary colour and Khaki as the secondary colour, as I paint more I'll continue this cycle.

My original method had changed slightly, I no longer use VMC Sepia wash instead now using AP Strong tone and have added another layer to the flesh tones, including a stage where they get a coat of AP Flesh Tone.

1st section

This is the first section of ten men from the squad box, I like to have some 'pairs' based up, both for the LMG teams and to use as patrol markers in our Chain of Command games.
1st section

2nd section
The second section is very similar, but in this case the 'pair' uses a couple of advancing figures rather than the kneeling ones in the first section.

2nd section

2nd section
I also painted up two of the character figures from the command pack, the first is a great sniper model in a cloak with a sniper rifle, the second figure is an officer in great-coat and helmet with a pistol and to be honest is a bit of a spud, he's very slight, I don't think a mannequin was used, the facial detail is poor and the hand holding the pistol lacks the usual detail we expect from Artizan, maybe he is the reason this pack was discontinued.

Sniper and Officer

Sniper and officer
I took the opportunity to take some individual close ups of some of the figures.

Infantrymen Statnik and Ponikarov

Infantrymen Loskutnikov and Vikhrov

Infantrymen Loskutnikov and Vikhrov

Infantryman Lomovtsev (front)

Infantryman Lomovtsev (rear)

Infantryman Babatyev (front)

Infantryman Babatyev (rear)
Junior Sergeant Kocheryozhkin (front) 

Junior Sergeant Kocheryozhkin (rear) 
This lot is half the Soviets bought in the sale, I'm working away on business for the next couple of weeks, but hope to crack on with the other half when I get back.

Wednesday 29 May 2019

WWII Soviets reboot (1)

These four figures have been sat base-coated and washed at the back of the painting table for well over a year now. This week I finally succumbed and spent an hour or so finishing them off.

One of the reasons for keeping the blog is to have a reference to previous paint schemes when I return to a project, so this post from 30 months ago came in very useful.

I think that these figures are all from the old Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM) range that was sculpted by Paul Hicks and then subsequently acquired by Warlord Games.

This week I have started on a load of Artizan Designs Soviets I picked up in a Northstar sale back in July last year, looks like 28mm WWII is back on the Scrivsland deck for a while.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Cold War DDR Motorised Rifles

Having been to Little Wars earlier this year I resisted starting anything new despite all the lovely shiny new toys on display. But, driving back through the blizzard Drew and I stopped off for a coffee and a bite to eat and got chatting about how cool it would be to play some Cold War games set in the 1970's and 80's maybe using the 7TV rules.

Although it was a great discussion and passed the remainder of the journey, by the next day I had pretty much talked myself out of it.

Then I took a look at the Badger Games web site and noticed that they are now doing the Mongrel Miniatures range of Cold War East Germans, lovely!.

After talking myself out of it again, I was surprised to find that I had, ahem, "accidentally" bought a pack each of these figures and they were in my mailbox on Monday.

A complete 'No New Projects' FAIL!!!!

The castings are really nice and take very little in the way of cleaning up, Monday evening saw them cleaned up and stuck on Renedra 25mm bases with a layer of VMC Pumice Gel texturing the base. Tuesday saw some grit added to a few of the bases and a spray of grey primer. Wednesday evening was gaming and Thursday evening we went to the cinema to see The Cold Blue  with a little base-coating in between. I'm having a long weekend so Friday saw the painting done and the bases started while yesterday I finished the bases and gave a spray off dull-coat.

Already thinking about Cold War Chain of Command or Seven Days to the River Rhine.

Here are some pictures of the contents of each of the packs available:

MM DDR001 Motorized Rifles I
Two infantrymen with AKM assault rifles and a leader, also with AKM holding a map, or maybe consulting the Stasi report on the dangerous subversives in his unit. The fourth figure is armed with a RPK light machine-gun.

MM DDR002 Motorized Rifles II
Four riflemen with AKM, one of them has a field radio, the antenna I added was a nylon bristle from a hand-brush.
The photo on the Badger Games website shows one of the figures with a RPK, I think that is an error as that figure is in pack 4.

MM DDR003 Motorized Rifles III
Four infantrymen with AKM assault rifles, one of them makes a good squad leader signalling his troops on.

MM DDR004 Motorized Rifles IV
As well as a infantryman with AKM this pack has a good selection of support weapons with another figure with a RPK light machine-gun and a pair of figures representing an RPG gunner and his ammo carrier.

Looking at the organisation for an East German motorised rifle platoon, it was quite a small unit so another couple of packs would see it up to strength, but then there would of course have to be a trio of BMP-1 and why not a T-55 or a T-72.

Sorry, did somebody say 'No New Projects'?

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Tumbling Dice Napoleonic Naval (1)

Maybe Tango01 will stop passing my work off as his

Recently browsing Jim's blog I noticed that he was painting some of the lovely 1/2400 Iron Clads from Tumbling Dice which reminded me that in the 'pile of shame' were some 1/2400 Napoleonic Naval ships also from Tumbling Dice.

Back in the day I painted about 70 of these and played many a game before selling them on, but the lead mountain still contained at least a couple of dozen of these, plenty enough for a game so I decided that I'd like to get a few done - it seems to be any excuse not to paint 28mm these days!

Firstly a batch of three French ships a pair of 3rd rates each armed with 80 guns and a 5th rate frigate with 40 guns.

Not sure if it the lighting or my paint jobs but a lot of these photos are really washed out.

The paint job is very simple, don't assemble, undercoat, then paint the decks VMC Deck Tan, the sails VMC Pale Sand, the hulls and masts VMC Gold Brown and then strakes and spars in VMC black.

The bases are painted in VMC Royal Blue. I then assemble all the components with super-glue and when that is dry wash with AP Strong Tone.

After drying the sails are over painted again with VMC Pale Sand and the base is re-painted Royal Blue and then highlighted with a glaze of Royal Blue mixed with Light Blue, finally a bit of white is added along the sides of the ship and in the wake.

The next four ships are a Royal Navy contingent of a 98-gun 2nd rate, a 64-gun 3rd rate, a 50-gun 4th rate and a 40-gun 5th rate frigate.

A little extra painting on these as you have to at least make an attempts at doing some Nelson Checkers.

The rigging is done with the black nylon bristles cut from a brush that I picked up at a local DIY store stuck on with PVA glue. After the glue is dried the bristles are cut to size and any paintwork touched up as needed.

Ensigns are painted tiny and stuck on with PVA glue.

The last batch is a pack of four cutters, these things are tiny, that is a 40mm x 20mm base they are on. I left off the ensigns as they can be used for either side, and at this small anything is going to look massively oversized.

I tried to get some close ups so here is a Royal Navy 50-gun and a French 40-gun Frigate.

I've probably got enough done to play a small game, but there is plenty more in the pipeline to paint if I wanted.

Looking back on the blog, I last played the old Games Workshop Trafalgar rules back in 2012 when Ian blew me out of the water...

Sunday 19 May 2019

Maurice Campaign - kick-off and game one The Battle of Wevelgem

Wednesday saw myself and Drew kick off a War of the Spanish Succession campaign using the Maurice rules. We've had a few games with the rules now and the campaign system looks rather good, although is geared for more than two players.

I would play the allied and Drew would play the forces of Louis XIV.

The church at Wevelgem, the Dutch objective for the day
Drew picked a French force with some Bavarian infantry, based around a core of elite horse with the Cavaliers national advantage, my Allied force was much more of a mish-mash of Dutch, English, Scottish, Swiss, Danes and Hessians under a common banner, I took the 'Rally to the Colours' and 'Depot Battalions' national advantages.

Our first game would be the Battle of Wevelgem a village near the border of Picardie as the Allies attempted to drive the French back behind their forts.

The starting deployments, French nearest

The battle would be fought on rugged terrain and although neither side had any suitable scouts the Dutch easily won the scouting roll and elected to attack.

The Dutch placed three pieces of terrain choosing two low hills and a village while the French also chose two low hills and village and completed the layout with a ploughed field in the center of the table. The hills don't show up too well in the photos as they are under the cloth, so we decorated them with a few trees and in one case a windmill.

Conscripts of Regt. Greder await the Dutch attacks
The Dutch commander chose a unit of Wurtemburg cavalry for his mercenaries.

The French deployed their infantry out front supported by their guns and held their cavalry in a refused position to their centre left.  The Dutch had a solid center of infantry with horse on each flank, their guns were deployed to support the right of the infantry attack and the cavalry on that flank.

The Dutch began with a general advance throwing forwards their infantry and guns supported by the horse on their right, their horse on the left remained passive for now. The French took the opportunity to reinforce their hand and resulted to passing or bombardments for the initial few turns.

The French then committed their horse to their left to hopefully stem the Dutch advance, outclassed, the Dutch horse on that flank halted just out of range and their guns were deployed to try to disrupt the elite French horse, the Dutch infantry continued their relentless advance although the large field in the centre soon made that much harder to coordinate.

Dutch horse halt in the face of the French cavalry and prepare to bring up the guns to support them.
 Le Compte de Frou Frou continued with his bombardment of the Dutch advance and soon the first casualties of the day were taken when Dalrymples battalion of Scotsmen in Dutch service, already disrupted by their passage through the corn fields were broken by gunfire!

Death of a Hero played on the French soon saw the honours even though.

The prepared French positions, it does not show too well, but the guns are on a low rise behind the infantry they are supporting.
To try to break up the threat on my right I played a Confusion on the advancing French horse and although it held them up slightly Drew soon played a Coordinated to get them back into formation, my plans were foiled!

The Dutch infantry were now in musket range of the French and I prevented the initial French volley by playing 'Firefight' to prevent it.

Le Compte De Frou Frou, should his troops be worried that he looks to his rear instead of at the advancing Dutch
 With the French cavalry advancing on my right it was time to start softening up with my guns and I'd been holding on to a 'Well Laid Guns', so duly tore into them and missed with both barrels - bah humbug!

Drew countered with a Confusion of his own drawing my Nassau Saarsbrucken horse out into a trap. I really needed to Rally my foot for the onslaught in the center was going my way but I should make use of my 'Rally to the Colours' to force the advantage.


In the eventuality the Nassau Saarsbrucken horse did not do so badly and were able to regroup and rally from the outnumbering thunderous charge of the French horse.

The infantry slog had evened out somewhat and the lines were thinning alarmingly, although the French were only at Army Morale 3 and I was still at Army Morale 5.

The Allied foot punish their opposite numbers

The French horse charged in again destroying my Nassau Saarsbrucken horse, but 'The Death of a Hero' combined with wiping out his elite Regt. Crussol foot saw the French morale break and the Dutch gain a Marginal Victory.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our pursuit and only earned two Epic Points for the battle while the French gained one.

There may soon be a whiff of grape!

Having lost six units in the game my 'Depot Battalions' really paid off as three of them, including the valiant Nassau Saarsbrucken were rebuilt at Trained status rather than dropping to Conscripts. Also Hays Dragoons were promoted to Trained status. The Nassau Usingen and Dalrymple foot were reformed at Conscript status.

The Dutch alliance now comprises five Trained horse, one Elite foot, three Trained foot and five Conscript foot supported by two artillery.

Although I had only earned two Epic Points, Michael von Pfanenstein joined my forces.

Infantry on the French right, however the Dutch horse is rather sluggish

Having been destroyed the French elite Regt. Normandie were replaced by Conscripts, although the fates were good to the French with both the I/Champagne and Bourbonaisse foot being promoted to Elite status.

This leaves the French three Elite horse, two Elite foot, two Trained foot and six Conscript foot, supported by three artillery.

Their latest rosters can be found here for the French and here for the Dutch.
Early phase of the action
The French deployments around the church at Wevelgem

This Dutch attack was repulsed, although the Regt. Normadie and all the guns were doomed.