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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Cold War DDR Motorised Rifles

Having been to Little Wars earlier this year I resisted starting anything new despite all the lovely shiny new toys on display. But, driving back through the blizzard Drew and I stopped off for a coffee and a bite to eat and got chatting about how cool it would be to play some Cold War games set in the 1970's and 80's maybe using the 7TV rules.

Although it was a great discussion and passed the remainder of the journey, by the next day I had pretty much talked myself out of it.

Then I took a look at the Badger Games web site and noticed that they are now doing the Mongrel Miniatures range of Cold War East Germans, lovely!.

After talking myself out of it again, I was surprised to find that I had, ahem, "accidentally" bought a pack each of these figures and they were in my mailbox on Monday.

A complete 'No New Projects' FAIL!!!!

The castings are really nice and take very little in the way of cleaning up, Monday evening saw them cleaned up and stuck on Renedra 25mm bases with a layer of VMC Pumice Gel texturing the base. Tuesday saw some grit added to a few of the bases and a spray of grey primer. Wednesday evening was gaming and Thursday evening we went to the cinema to see The Cold Blue  with a little base-coating in between. I'm having a long weekend so Friday saw the painting done and the bases started while yesterday I finished the bases and gave a spray off dull-coat.

Already thinking about Cold War Chain of Command or Seven Days to the River Rhine.

Here are some pictures of the contents of each of the packs available:

MM DDR001 Motorized Rifles I
Two infantrymen with AKM assault rifles and a leader, also with AKM holding a map, or maybe consulting the Stasi report on the dangerous subversives in his unit. The fourth figure is armed with a RPK light machine-gun.

MM DDR002 Motorized Rifles II
Four riflemen with AKM, one of them has a field radio, the antenna I added was a nylon bristle from a hand-brush.
The photo on the Badger Games website shows one of the figures with a RPK, I think that is an error as that figure is in pack 4.

MM DDR003 Motorized Rifles III
Four infantrymen with AKM assault rifles, one of them makes a good squad leader signalling his troops on.

MM DDR004 Motorized Rifles IV
As well as a infantryman with AKM this pack has a good selection of support weapons with another figure with a RPK light machine-gun and a pair of figures representing an RPG gunner and his ammo carrier.

Looking at the organisation for an East German motorised rifle platoon, it was quite a small unit so another couple of packs would see it up to strength, but then there would of course have to be a trio of BMP-1 and why not a T-55 or a T-72.

Sorry, did somebody say 'No New Projects'?


  1. Very nice brush work. What color did you use for the uniforms?

    1. Thank you. The base-coat is VMC Khaki washed then highlighted up with a touch of Iraqi Sand in each layer. I know that the NVA had a raindrop pattern camouflage, but any attempt to reproduce that with my painting style would look terrible.

  2. I would never say, "No new projects!" Great looking figures!

  3. Fabulous looking NVA troops! Great to see a rather obscure topic getting some love.

  4. Lovely looking DDR types with their distinctive helmets, good call on their really subtle camo at this scale, have I already said what a wonderfully diverse output you have?
    Best Iain

  5. I often envy your ability to hold so many rules in your head & spin so many plates to create so many projects! I just stick to one all consuming vision & very rarely stray... You are to commended on your versatility Sir Scrivs!

    1. Cheers Jeremy, to counter, I envy your ability to focus on one thing and do it so well.