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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday 14 September 2020

69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot

After the brief diversion into the Star Wars universe earlier this week it was back at it with the red coats. This unit representing the 2nd Battalion, 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot during the Hundred Days Campaign.

These figures are all from the Perry Miniatures Plastic Napoleonic British Line Infantry box set and are the last complete foot unit that I'll get out of the plastic figures I have on hand, the next batch will use up the last of these with a few bases of skirmishers and such.

The standard, like the other Anglo-allied units is from the Victrix flag sheet. During the battle of Quatre Bras the Kings Colour was lost to the French cavalry when they were caught unable to form square.

The force is growing quite well, I now have five units of Anglo-allied line infantry completed, plus those 95th Rifles and a battery of Royal Artillery. 

I plan to add a few skirmisher bases and some commanders over the coming days and then make a start on some Highlanders to join the force. I am not sure if I'm ready to start painting tartan yet so may instead do some Light Dragoons.

I'll be on vacation for a few days, so it's likely to be a couple of weeks before my next post.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Star Wars: Legion - Vital Assets


Back in June I picked up the Vital Assets set as it was released, I stuck them together, primed them and they have been sat on the painting table ever since watching the Napoleonic stuff get painted.

After last weeks game where we used the mines in a primed state I decided that it was time to crack on and get them all finished.

The mines were all base-coated in VMC Black Grey then dry-brushed up with first VMC Basalt Grey and then VMC Pale Grey, the keypads etc. picked out in Ivory, Flat Red & Flat Green.

The repulsor pallets were done off a base of VMC French Horizon Blue, while some crates off of Black Grey, others off Basalt Grey and the last couple off of German Camo Beige. That was enough dry-brushing for the session so time to do some proper painting....

The first of the hostages in the set represents Riyo Chuchi a Galactic Senator from Pantoran.

Riyo Chuchi features in the Clone Wars series, so is rather early for our games set during the time of the Galactic Empire but is a fine model and lovely addition to our setup.

The clothing is worked up from a base of either VMC Violet or VMC Basalt Grey while the flesh is from a base of VMC Medium Blue.

The second hostage steps back even further along the timeline and represents Rune Haako a Neimoidian delegate from the Trade Federation.

He's an ugly, drab fellow as befits his role and this sculpt really reflects the character from the films in the opening trilogy.

I wanted a dull purple colour for his robes and headgear so mixed VMC Violet with Black for the basecoat and highlighted up adding a touch more Violet to each layer. His drab green robes are off of VMC Brown Violet.

The flesh was done off a base of VMC Medium Fleshtone and VMC Neutral Grey, highlighted up with a dot of Ivory added to each successive layer.

I've really enjoyed doing these and they made a nice little diversion from all the Napoleonics, however, it's now time for me to go back to another unit of Anglo-allied troops.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

2nd Battalion, 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot

After the fun of painting some guns and riflemen it's back to the painting churn of British line infantry units with this group representing the 2nd Battalion, 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot who fought as part of Wellingtons reserve in the 6th Division during the Battle of Waterloo.

As this unit has buff coloured facings it meant that I got a slight break from the monotony of the "painting all the stuff white" step as their straps are also in buff. I'm currently painting another unit of British line at the moment and I think that the "painting all the stuff white" step is bloody tedious.

The mounted officer is from the Warlord Games range, while the rest of the unit, like the majority of this force, is made up from the Perry Miniatures Plastic Napoleonic British Line Infantry box set

I'm now on my third box of these, so had amassed enough pairs of the firing arms to do this entire unit unleashing it's volley.

I've again been experimenting with the grey palette, this time the blanket roll is from a basecoat of Basalt Grey highlighted up with Pale Grey while the trousers are from a basecoat of Luftwaffe uniform highlighted up with French Horizon Blue and finishing with a touch of Pale Grey added to the mix for the final layer.

Another shipment arrived from the UK this week, so after I finish the next British line unit that is currently "on deck" I'll probably start on some command stands for the Anglo-allied forces and then work to bring the gun batteries up to strength.

Monday 7 September 2020

Star Wars Legion: More "Pew Pew Pew"

Victoria and I last played Star Wars: Legion back in April and it was really time we started playing again so Thursday evening we cleared the decks and set up another game.

Since we last played Victoria has painted this rather splendid 3D print of a Droid Depot that we picked up on Etsy, she's bloody good at this grimy Sci-fi look.

The droids for sale are from the rest of the collection not being used in the game. K2-SO is on the roof for effect.

The rest of the terrain was laid out and the mission generated.

Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators in a Minefield with Disarray, should be fun! The forces used this time were almost identical to when we played last time.

We were quite late starting and fairly rusty with the rules so only got a couple of turns in on Thursday evening, finishing off on the Friday. 

The Rebels were early to the party an started removing damage from the vaporators while the Empire soon joined in the fun and started smashing stuff up.

Rebel commandos on the roof of the droid factory engaged heavily with Boba Fett, but he was very very good with his saving throws as usual and finished the game damaged but still in the fight, more than can be said for the commandos

Boba Fett had chosen Princess Leia's subordinate as his mark, getting wind of this he wisely decided to hide out in the Droid Depot and give orders from there.

The scout bikes were soon doing laps of the Droid Depot, their suspensors allowing them to ignore the mines strewn around.

As usual, my Rebels put up a good fight but completely fail to capitalise, having this unit of Stormtroopers in their sights you can guess which unit finished the game on the table.

Krennic inspires his troopers, these chaps must have Beskar armour, even if they had made an average amount of saves they would not have been here at this stage of the game.

Those speeder bikes do another lap of the Droid Depot taking a shot at the AT-RT

At the end of the game the Rebels have three Victory Tokens but the Empire have four of them, another Empire victory!

The Butchers Bill for the Empire. 

The Rebellion suffered significantly more casualties!

I did escape a force choke from Victoria though!

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Lloyd's Battery Royal Artillery

While I was putting the finishing touches to the Riflemen I also started doing the base-coats on a battery of Royal Artillery 9lb guns for the collection.

Each gun is from the Perry Miniatures British Foot Artillery firing 9 pdr pack.

The guns are base-coated in a 50:50 mix of VMC Horizon Blue and VMC Pale Grey, the former I thought too blue and the latter not blue enough so went for a mix.

The gunners blue coats are from a base of VMC Dark Prussian Blue, then AP Strong Tone, reapply the Dark Prussian Blue, highlight with Royal Blue then AP Blue Wash. The overall trousers are from VMC Basalt Grey while the yellow Braid is off of VMC Gold Brown.

A couple of close-ups of each gun.

I see in the above shot that I managed to varnish a fine hair, it has since been removed, these close-ups are great for finding our mistakes, like the mud splats on the overalls of the chap on the left.

The bases are the 65mm x 90mm Artillery Bases from Renedra which I think give a good size footprint and don't end up with a battery deployed wheel butted against wheel. 

I've since decided though that as my rule-set of choice is going to be General d'Armee I will add a third gun to the battery so each gun represents a section of two guns, an extra gun is currently winging it's way to me from the UK.

 And for the final photo, more sloppy painting exposed with the rusty wheel rim splashed onto the woodwork, another fix up to do.

This will be my last post for August, but still a good momentum with the following painted:

French commanders, characters and personalities

2nd Line Battalion, King's German Legion

11ème Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval

Detachment, 95th Regiment of Foot (Rifles)

With these guns brings the total for the month to 15 mounted, 53 foot, 2 guns and 8 crew.