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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday 31 December 2021

Skirmishing 95th Rifles


Switching from the ACW collection to the Hundred Days collection I've painted up some 95th Rifles on skirmishing bases.

All are from the Rifleman frames in the Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Line Infantry box set and despite the limited pose options are great figures to paint.

These will either add to our skirmish screens in General d'Armee games or as a group of Skirmishers in our Sharp Practice games.

Wishing all my followers and readers a very Happy New Year!

Thursday 30 December 2021

Some more Confederate infantry


Two small 12-man units of Confederates, I've been enjoying the Picketts Charge rules of late so as well as rebasing the entire existing collection (yes Ken I know!) I wanted to add a few more units so I can get up to four or five brigades per side.

Of course as soon as I started painting I realised that I'd forgotten to order any standards, so an order from Flags of War is on it's way, but in the meanwhile I added some Warflag ones for these two units, will I get around to replacing them, likely not!, but all the new units I'll be adding during the challenge will be getting Warflag ones.

Both units are made up from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 but as I'm making multiple smaller units I also bought some additional Confederate Command frames.

Sunday 26 December 2021

Obadiah Hakeswill and Tobias Seehechtgut

Brigade Games do this great British Light Infantry Veteran Sergeant and British Light Infantry Veteran Sergeant Marching with Pike both of whom bear an uncanny resemblance to Pete Postlethwaite in the Sharpe series.

My lovely wife bought them both for me and gifted them earlier this month, although they were AHPC fodder I was itching to get them painted.

Rather than doing both from the South Essex Regiment I did one as Obadiah Hakeswill and the other as his Hanoverian doppelganger Tobias Seehechtgut. 

Lovely models to paint up.

Now that these are complete I can crack on with some AHPC entries, more on that soon.

I all my readers the very best of the season.


Thursday 23 December 2021

Gaslands: Dodge Van

Just a solitary Gaslands update this week, Victoria bought me this pair of containers from Etsy, made of laser-cut MDF and grey board for the detailing. 

I've painted one in a rusty orange colour and one in a rusty red, but the difference between the two does not show up so well in these photos.

I've also added to the collection a Dodge van. All the windows were replaced with mesh and the roof is a sheet of corrugated iron.

A launcher was added from the Implements of Carnage One frame and secured, jury rigged fashion with a length of chain. 

The paint job is meant to give the feeling of, "was once yellow but now as rough as &@$!"

Wednesday 22 December 2021

7th Netherlands National Militia Battalion

I'm clearing the decks before I get started proper on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and these fellows have been stalled in a partially painted state for far too long.

The figures were all from Front Rank before they stopped fulfilling orders, and hopefully will soon be available from Gripping Beast after the transfer is completed as I'll be needing a few more.

I really don't know why these took so long to paint, but I found them really tedious, despite the much simpler uniforms than other Napoleonic troops I've painted recently, maybe it was that they are all in the same pose with no variety.

The colour is from GMB Designs.

I plan to try to recreate Bylandt's Brigade so I'll need two more Militia battalions, a Line and a Light battalion.

I chose to do my flank companies with the white over orange plumes.

Despite taking so long to clear the backlog I'm happy how they came out, hopefully the next batch will not take so long.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Gaslands: Bus based carnage at the Lenton Arena

Thursday evening saw another round of carnage at the Lenton Arena with five teams competing for the honours.

Newcomer Nick S took Idris with two performance cars. Fresh from last week's carnage Mike B this time took Idris with a trio of motor bikes. Nick E took Scarlett with a bus. James M took Maxxine with a performance car and a car and I took Inferno with a car and a truck 

Chaos ensued from the start with the Idris team roaring away while everyone else attempted to avoid the terrifying lunatic in the bus. 

My inferno performed a Highway to Hell that the bus traversed without effect while one of the bikes clipped it and took 7 points of damage!

Two of Nicks cars were already on fire when one was clipped and wrecked. My truck was all over the place and finally reduched to one hull box by a barrage of grenades and small arms from the bus.

Nicks second performance car succumbed to the flames while the Maxxine performance car crossed the finish line just ahead of one of the Idris bikes.

Three wrecks and loads of carnage with two vehicles still in play thathad not crossed gate by the end of the game.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Gaslands: The fast ones!

I've been  taking the power tools to some Hot Wheels again, this time with a quartet of fast looking cars that I can use.

Electric Silhouette 

This first one was in a bag of spare cars that Mike B donated to me and I think is also currently available in the Hot Wheels advent calendar for 2021, although this much predates that paint job.

The driver is from the Corporate Team pack from North Star. I added minigun and rockets from the  Implements of Carnage One set, yes, I know only two build slots, maybe one is decorative.

I went for a simple black paint job with some orange decoration, I think this chap could fill into both Maxxine and Miyazaki if not a few others.

Astana Hotto

This one was picked up from B&M on a recent trip there and it screams Performance Car. 

The only armament I added was a single machine-gun from IoC-1 that mounted under the lighting array, I did a simple Purple paint job allowing this to fit into any of the performance teams.

But, I'm thinking that if I combine this with Rigor Motor below and add some bikes it will make a very passable Beverly sponsored team.

Rigor Motor 

Another find on the racks at B&M was this dragster mounted coffin thingy!

It had some super detail work already on the coffin, so, after painting it black and highlighting I picked out the skull again in a very thinned white highlight. Also, in the highlighting of the cockpit hood I did a subtle demon face that really does not show up so well in these picks, but I know it's there. 

With the Astana Hotto above I think I've got he foundations of a Beverly sponsored team.


Last but not least, probably my favourite build so far. The original Hot Wheels model is a perfect jump off point.

The two crew are from the Wasteland Warriors set from North Star, I quite like the guy hanging out of the window with his assault rifle.

I took the IoC-1 engine and chained a turbo charger onto the top of it then added a machine-gin from that set too. Additional armour was made from plasticard, but I think that maybe my rivets are much too large. A bumper and additional armour were made from I-beams to complete the build.