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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Gaslands: Mayhem at the Ruddington Raceway

We had planned a multi-player race on Sunday, but a combination of other commitments and illness meant that it was just down to Tom and myself. 

Fortunately I still had Martins gubbins from the last game so there was plenty of scenery and scatter to add to the race.

I had picked four teams in preparation, Tom selected The Angry Champions:
  • Chevy:
    • Truck with Ram (F), Machine gun (F), Grabber (S)
  • Beetle:
    • Buggy with Machine gun (F)
  • Monte Carlo:
    • Car with Ram (F), Machine gun (F), Grenades
I randomised from the remaining three and took the Wicked Fiends:
  • Silverado:
    • Truck with Ram (F), Heavy machine gun (T)
  • Chevelle
    • Car with Machine gun (F), Magnum
  • Red
    • Motor bike with no upgrades
Start those engines

Leaders pass the first gate while the Chevy slides across the raceway

Subjected to some deadly fire from the Magnum, the Monte Carlo becomes the first casualty

The Beetle soon succumbs to deadly fire too.
Shortly afterwards the Chevelle misjudges, smashes into the tyres littering the track, is wrecked then ploughed through by the Chevy who is now catching up with the pack

The motor bike has avoided the carnage and is out ahead with the Silverado trailing some way and the Chevy behind that.

The front mounted machine gun on the Chevy constantly engages the Silverado that fortunately is able to reply with it's turret mounted machine gun.

However, the motor bike crosses the line first and is doing donuts while the two trucks are still negotiating the final bend.

We did use audience votes but although collecting a few we never did use any.

Tom has also done a report over on his blog. It was his first game, but I don't think I'll be surprised if he picks up some toys of his own for it.


  1. Lovely looking game! So unarmed is best?!
    Best Iain

  2. Definitely looks to be a fun outing, even with only two players. Great looking track.

  3. Must . . . not . . . try new . . . game!