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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 30 January 2022

Star Wars: Legion - 3D printed Moff Gideon, The Client and Droids

 I've been enjoying the AHPC again this year and some recent bonus rounds have given me the opportunity to paint up some more stuff for the Star Wars: Legion collection.

Falling through the Great Abyssal we alight at Cybertron where a couple of maintenance droids immediately start their task on preparing the ship for departure. Towering over them a bounty hunter droid scans the disembarking passengers for his mark.

Fortunately we are not staying on Cybertron and immediately catch the next shuttle to our arranged meeting with The Client on Nevarro.

There is certainly something Machiavellian about The Clients motives, he's offering far too much for far too little, this is not going to be as easy as it initially appears.

Onwards to LV432 and our final destination of this post. 

Moff Gideon,  Ra's al Ghul, Gus Fring  and many others, whenever Giancarlo Esposito joins a series you can be sure that things are going to go really badly for our hero. It was a really, really bad idea even coming here and I'll be lucky to get out intact!

All the figures are 3D prints and were gifted to me by my good friend Drew.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Midgard Hundred Years War action

James and I took the opportunity to play a couple games of Midgard on Sunday. 

I provided the troops and terrain, James sorted out the scenario and the rules.

We played the Pursuit scenario, an English army with a 4:3 superiority in numbers must exit the far table edge while the French close in on both sides.

We decided that the French character attributes meant that they had lots of lower level fighty characters to represent many brave individuals whose counsel is not always sought, while the English had more higher level characters with better command and control.

The brave French played exactly as expected, especially with James "Charge them in the face at the first opportunity" Morris in command and the English absorbed the shock of the first charge and after some hard, but inevitable fighting crushed the French.

We had played through the first game in only a couple of hours so lined them up again and had at it.

James this time had a more measured deployment with one wing much stronger than the other. 

Instead of "Charge them in the face at the first opportunity" James instead manoeuvred his Men at Arms to block the English exit while a steady rain of missiles on their right flank meant that the English could not concentrate.  

Eventually the English committed too small a force against the French Pavisiers on their right and although they eventually punched through the French Men at Arms in the centre, breaking the French army, the casualties inflicted were much closer with the English only claiming a Pyric victory.

A great couple of games in the end, the English were victorious both times, but it was a much more hard fought affair in the second.

Midgard are a great set of rules for games in the heroic ages, we've played many enjoyable games with them and I reckon they cannot be far from publication.

Saturday 22 January 2022

36th Pennsylvania Volunteers

More Blue Bellies for the ACW collection, this time the 36th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment, made up of Crusader Miniatures picked up from North Star.

It's a fairly small range that is often overlooked, but it's giving some nice variety to my forces that were previously all Perry Miniatures.

They are a little thinner than the Perry figures but do mix well on the table, but, I'd not have them in the same units.

I saved a couple of bare footed figures from the Fighting 69th I added last time, this is probably a better shot of one of them. Don't fancy walking over that patch of rocks before him though!

The standards are from the Flags of War range and I've managed not to fog them this time. 

When there is a trim, like on this pair I do like to cut a few notches out of it and leave the edge a little less tidy. The fringe is then repainted in bronze, then gold with some thin black lines added so it looks like a fringe rippling rather than a solid block.

Friday 21 January 2022

14th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Another regiment of infantry musters for the Confederates with the 14th Virginia Infantry Regiment advancing to the fore.

All the figures are from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 set, the troops this time assembled in right shoulder shift.

I also finished off the last few Confederate infantry figures I had creating a command stand that will be the foundation of a Mississippi regiment at a later date.  

Monday 17 January 2022

69th New York, the Fighting 69th

It's the Union turn to get some attention, so a quick order to North Star and I've added a union of New York Irish to the collection.

All the figures are from the Fighting 69th. set from Crusader Miniatures and are lovely casts, although a bit thinner than the Perry Miniatures so look a bit more sparse on their bases, maybe I should have mounted these in fours rather than threes. 

Several of the figures are supplied bare-footed and they give a bit of flavour.

The standards are from Flags of War and are included in the set, having looked at the photos, the green seems a little fogged by the varnish, so I'll likely give that another coat of brush-on to sort it out.

Some close ups.

Hope to get these chaps out on the table soon.

Friday 14 January 2022

Hold the line boys!


Sunday saw Tom and I playing a game of American Civil War using the Pickett's Charge rules from Too Fat Lardies.

I'd set out some terrain and had a simple scenario, the Confederates had twelve regiments of infantry and two small batteries of guns attacking against a Union force of ten regiments of infantry and a single (larger) battery of guns.

The Confederates started with two of their three brigades on table, while the Union held the fence line with only a single brigade. Could the Confederates repulse the Union troops before the line could be strengthened? Off table brigades only get an ADC on a 5 and it takes two ADC's to release off table reserves the Union could never be sure when they would see their reinforcements.

Tom took the Union and I took the Confederates, of course on the first turn he rolled well enough to see a brigade of reserves committed, but as at this stage the Confederate attack was undeveloped he wisely took an Artillery Assault instead.

The Confederates kept up a steady advance while the Union artillery attempted to disrupt the attack. Leaving the rifles in support the Napoleons were dragged up into close range of the Union line.

As the Confederate forces closed on the fence line a firefight started along the line, but both sides suffered terribly from fire discipline.

Eventually on my right the Confederates launched a bayonet charge, most of the Union troops held, but on my extreme right, we a-whooped and a-hollered to such an effect that the Union forces retreated and we held a section of the fence line. Unfortunately, by this stage the Union reinforcements were streaming in.

Despite gaining the fence line, my brigade on the right was subjected to withering fire and eventually collapsed, the troops in my third brigade were cautiously advancing, but needed to be in the right place at the right time, they wern't!

Along the line, all the Union forces that had originally held the fence were destroyed or forced back, but the fresh troops arrived to take their place, as the last Union brigade arrived on the Confederate left it was time for Johnny Reb to retreat from the field in some disarray.

Tom has also done a great report with loads more pictures over on his blog.