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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday, 17 September 2021

Cleeves' Battery KGL Foot Artillery

I picked up a pack of Victrix British Foot artillery while I was still living in Wisconsin, so these figures have sat in the backlog for quite some time.

I assembled everything months ago when I first got back to the UK, but was very disappointed with the quality of these models, the sculpts are poor and little thought seems to be given to the molding process so there are terrible join lines were there really should not be.

The recent game against Steve revealed that the Anglo-allies could really use another battery of artillery, so, I gritted my teeth and set to. The result is Cleeves' Battery of the Kings German Legion Foot Artillery that was attached to Altens 3rd Division of I Corps.

Not only are the figures very poorly designed, they are also extremely fragile, of the three examples of the chap in the photo below, two of the shafts broke during assembly, they refuse to stick back together so were foreshortened and drilled as seen on the other guns. The third one seen here broke once and was stuck back together, had a final shatter while being put away in their boxes. A scabbard and a ramrod has suffered similar damage.

I don't think these models will survive many battles before they become a pile of bits.

In, probably unlikely event, that these are used for a Sharp Practice game I painted up some spare gunners.

 I think I'll stick to Perry in the future.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

El Cid-gard

I had written up a more complete battle report, but some vagary of using Blogger on the phone while it was still open on the laptop meant I lost everything I'd added on the phone.

On Saturday James and I played a rather splendid game of Midgard using my El Cid collection in preparation for our game at Partizan next month.

James used the Almoravids while I played the Spaniards. It was also a first outing for my Geek Villain "El Alemain" mat.

I've added a few comments to the pictures, but have lost the will to do a complete re-write.

The Spaniards

The Almoravids

The Caballeros get stuck in

El Cid leads the charge on the Spanish right

On the Spanish left they don't fare so well, against the odds the Africans prevail

El Cid and his Caballeros strike hard

In the first of many challenges of the game, Christian swordsmanship prevails

It does not go all the way of the Africans on my left, my Ballesteros, against the odd, beat up the camel riders

Despite their successes on their right, the Almoravid left and centre crumbles.

Almoravid horse are free on my left, but it's too late

King Pedro leads another successful charge deep into the Almoravid lines

A great game with lots of action and plenty of  heroic combat that the Spanish seemed to get ahead on this time.

James did not delete all his text and has a much more complete report over on his blog.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Hanoverian Landwehr skirmishers

I have a brigade of Hanoverian Landwehr for our Hundred Days campaign games, but I don't have any specific skirmishers painted for them, so a few weeks ago I ordered some packs of Hanoverians in firing line from Front Rank. I got a mix of shako and cap for a bit of variety.

The first four bases are painted up with green facings to match the Landwehr Battalion Osterode I painted earlier this year.

Although some light pitting on the figures on the figures indicates they were likely cast a bit hot, they are lovely figures and take paint really well.

These made it onto the table in time for the last game, another five bases are on deck at the moment and should be ready to post on the blog very soon.

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

General d'Armee action in Belgium 1815

Yesterday Steve and I played a fairly large General d'Armee game using quite a large portion of my Hundred Days collection. The scenario was an escalating engagement with the French in strength attempting to capture a road junction with more troops for each side arriving as the game developed.

The French forces were:
  • 1st Infantry brigade: Four battalions of line supported by a battery of 6lb guns
  • 2nd Infantry brigade: Four battalions of line
  • 3rd Infantry brigade: Four battalions of line supported by a battery of 6lb guns
  • 4th Infantry brigade: Four battalions of line
  • 1st Cavalry brigade: One regiment of Hussars (Campaign grenadiers) one regiment of Chasseurs (Campaign)
  • 2nd Cavalry brigade [arrive turn 5]: One regiment of Chevaux-leger Lanciers (Campaign) one regiment of Chasseurs (Campaign)
  • 3rd Cavalry brigade [arrive turn 7]: Two regiments of Hussars (Campaign, grenadiers)

The Anglo-allied forces were:
  • 1st British brigade: Two battalions of line, one small battalion of 95th Rifles
  • 1st Hanoverian brigade: Four battalions of recruits
  • 1st KGL brigade: Three battalions of line, one battalion of Lights, supported by a battery of 9lb guns
  • 1st Cavalry brigade [arrive turn 3]: Three regiment of Light Dragoons (Campaign)
  • 2nd British brigade [arrive turn 5]: Two battalions of line, one battalion of Highlanders (Grenadiers) 
  • 2nd Cavalry brigade [arrive turn 7 into reserve]: Two regiments of Dragoons (Battle, grenadiers)

Initial deployments

The KGL artillery causes the first unit to retreat with heavy casualties

Aided by the KGL skirmishers the artillery causes a second unit to retreat with heavy casualties

French infantry push on in the center against the Hanoverians

The Royal Welch and Lincolnshire's defend on the left  

The Hanoverians are hard pushed in the centre

On the British right the KGL stand fast

The second British brigade arrives

French cavalry stream onto the field

Weakened French division pushes on against the KGL 

Break through in the centre as a French column crashes home and the Hanoverians rout.

With heavy casualties the Hanoverian Landwehr regroup behind friends

Those KGL guns need silencing, so the Hussars throw themselves upon them 

The Hussars recoil, so the Chasseurs push on

Supported by infantry on both flanks and Light Dragoons to the rear the guns again see off their harassers

The KGL are now under a lot more pressure, one battalion is broken but the others hold firm.

View across the battlefield

French Chevaux Legere and Chasseurs exploit the gap left by the Hanoverians, close range cannister fire eliminates the Lincolnshires

The Gordon Highlanders push on

As do the Somerset's

Hard pressed Hanoverian Landwehr hold the farm

The Royal Welch are hard pressed, a French column from the 85th charges their flank, but, the Frenchmen refuse to close to contact!

Steady KGL troops refuse to budge

Another view along the battlefield, the Union Brigade are moving to counter the French cavalry exploiting the breakthrough.

Like the KGL, on the other flank the battered Royal Welch also refuse to budge

At the end of about six hours game time both armies were well and truly battered and both Steve and I thought that the opponent had the upper edge. But, as the French had not taken their objective I'm happy to concede defeat.