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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 5 December 2021

Gaslands: A trio of newcomers

While photographing the Routemaster for the earlier post I also took shots of the latest three vehicles that I added.

Honda Civic STI

Firstly a snot-green Civic for sentimental reasons.

This was armed with a single front firing machine-gun and the hood adorned with a supercharger intake, both from the Implements of Carnage set. 

The crewmembers are from the Corporate Team set. I've been using the machine pistol as a Magnum in my recent game.

Why a snot-green Civic Coupe? Well this was the car I owned when we were in the US:

Impreza SI

I picked this up from B&M when I got the Civic, it's pretty much untouched apart from the machine gun barrel pushed out front.

I don't think the light blue-grey paint job came out that well. Of all the vehicles done so far I reckon this is my least favourite.


Final one of the trio is a large buggy-truck thing that Roger gave me. I think it's from the Xbox Unleashed set that is available.

I cropped off the existing machine gun that Neil reused in his build here, replacing it with a pintle mounted one from Implements of Carnage. 

A huge IoC exhaust was also added to the build. The crew are from the Wasteland Warriors set also from North Star.

It's very big to use as a buggy so I think likely better suited as a truck than a car in the game so the three crew round it out nicely.

We are playing again on Thursday, I hope to get some use from these. 

Friday, 3 December 2021

Gaslands: Carnage at the Lenton Arena


Thursday evening Nick, Mike W, Mike B and myself met up at the Lenton Arena for a four player Gaslands Death Race

I took a Maxxine team with two cars and a bike, Nick took Idris with a performance car and a buggy, Mike W took Miyazaki also with a performance car and a buggy while Mike B took Warden with two cars.

It was Carnage from the off Nicks Idris and Miyazaki performance cars powered over the line while the rest of the pack rushed to catch up. Except one of Mike B's Prison Cars that hair pinned into Nicks buggy, the head on smash with exploding ram doing 20 attack dice! Both vehicles were wrecked outright and Mike W's buggy was destroyed in the resulting explosion - Wowzers race fans!!!!!

The remaining cars soon passed gate one and were weapons active more mayhem ensued! Powering into the first bend my Civic side swiped the Miyazaki performance car that slipped away dropping a canister of glue, Mikes prison car caught up unleashing the flame thrower on both the remaining Idris and Miyazaki performance cars, at this stage of the race, only just around the first corn all that remained in play was one of Mike B's prison cars and all three of my vehicles!

My GTO and bike went wide round the glue, but the Civic was stuck with that line and ended up dropping back a little. My bike got no further than this, the Idris performance car re-spawned at the first gate and a deadly accurate close range shotgun blast did for it.

I'd pretty much stopped taking pictures at this point. Mikes prison car was out in front, but my two cars caught up with him and destroyed him, the badly damaged respawned performance cars of Mike and Nick caught up with the pack and nobody made it through the second gate with their original car.

Absolute bloody carnage, every car that had started the race had been wrecked before they got to the second gate.

More of this madness is arranged for next week, we are going to need a shorter track.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Gaslands: Rednecks on a Routemaster

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting Chester and picked up in the model shop there a second hand open-topped Routemaster bus from their display cabinets.

I think these things usually are lovingly displayed in pristine condition, not this baby!

The top and bottom halves were separated and the windows removed. I then added some applique armour made from Wills corrugated iron sheets along the bottom windows and rear wheels. 

Using the same corrugated iron sheets I built up a platform for the harpoon at the front of the bus.

I added a pair of I-section girders for front and rear bumpers, then added some steel mesh to the drivers cab and rear lower deck.

I then started adding some armament, a tripod for the harpoon was built from more I-section, twin machineguns were mounted next to the driver and a single machine-gun each side.

All the weapons are from the North Star Implements of Carnage frames.

The whole thing was then primed in a light beige colour. The bus exterior was then done in VMC Black Red while the majority of the interior was done in VMC Chocolate Brown, the rusty bits painted in a 50:50 mix of VMC Gunmetal Grey and VMC Saddle Brown, the remainder was done in black.

Once dried it got a coat of AP Strong tone and was set aside to dry.

I then went back over the base-coats and added some highlights, for the red I added progressively more VMC Dark Red and for the rust added VMC Clear Orange for the highlights.

I then painted up the crew from a pack of Bootleggers from North Star. Just a basic paint job with a wash of AP Strong Tone.

The decals are from a Debris of War set that I picked up a few months ago, they have some great ones for Gaslands.

The whole thing was then weathered using a Tamiya Weathering Master kit.

We are playing Gaslands at the club this evening, I'm quite tempted to give this a go!

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Gaslands: Mayhem at the Ruddington Raceway

We had planned a multi-player race on Sunday, but a combination of other commitments and illness meant that it was just down to Tom and myself. 

Fortunately I still had Martins gubbins from the last game so there was plenty of scenery and scatter to add to the race.

I had picked four teams in preparation, Tom selected The Angry Champions:
  • Chevy:
    • Truck with Ram (F), Machine gun (F), Grabber (S)
  • Beetle:
    • Buggy with Machine gun (F)
  • Monte Carlo:
    • Car with Ram (F), Machine gun (F), Grenades
I randomised from the remaining three and took the Wicked Fiends:
  • Silverado:
    • Truck with Ram (F), Heavy machine gun (T)
  • Chevelle
    • Car with Machine gun (F), Magnum
  • Red
    • Motor bike with no upgrades
Start those engines

Leaders pass the first gate while the Chevy slides across the raceway

Subjected to some deadly fire from the Magnum, the Monte Carlo becomes the first casualty

The Beetle soon succumbs to deadly fire too.
Shortly afterwards the Chevelle misjudges, smashes into the tyres littering the track, is wrecked then ploughed through by the Chevy who is now catching up with the pack

The motor bike has avoided the carnage and is out ahead with the Silverado trailing some way and the Chevy behind that.

The front mounted machine gun on the Chevy constantly engages the Silverado that fortunately is able to reply with it's turret mounted machine gun.

However, the motor bike crosses the line first and is doing donuts while the two trucks are still negotiating the final bend.

We did use audience votes but although collecting a few we never did use any.

Tom has also done a report over on his blog. It was his first game, but I don't think I'll be surprised if he picks up some toys of his own for it.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Gaslands: Introducing a newcomer


When we were living in the US, daughter Jasmin and her partner Neil had visited for Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate a UK version now we are back here so they stayed wit us for a few days.

While they were with us I introduced Neil to Gaslands and helped him convert his first two Hotwheels, a Nissan Silva that I had in my bits box with a broken spoiler and a Camaro that we picked up from B&M.

The broken spoiler was replaced with a piece of corrugated iron and the hood was cut off with a Dremel cutting disk and a massive engine installed. A wing mounted machine gun and new rear wheels completed the job. For the Camaro it had a roof mounted pintle machine gun, a dropper added to the boot and a steel mesh windscreen. Front and rear fenders were upgraded with an Iron beam and additional corrugated steel armour was added to the doors.

After he had painted and weathered them, Neil was ready for his first game.

Following Thanksgiving dinner we loaded the dishwasher cleared the table and set up a small circuit for the introductory one buggy, one car introductory game.

Neil's Camaro won the first game, so we set up again, this time with a performance car and a car each. 

Much drifting ensued with everybody throwing them into the corners.

My Pontiac GTO clinched this one in front of the Silva and Neils Camaro, in the above shot my Camaro can be seen straying off course.

Black Friday we lined up again, this time picking a 50-can team each (no sponsors or perks).

Neil took a performance car, car and bike team while I had a truck, car and buggy team.

Lined up on the grid

The Nissan Silva is first out

The pack catches up

Into the first corner

Camaro spins out

A truck/bike collision is only going to go one way

Silva and Chevelle drift into the corner and hope to avoid the wiped out Camaro

Dead Mans Corner just before the finish line is littered with wrecks

Five of the six vehicles were wrecked before the finish line so the slow and steady truck took the honours.

Neil has already picked up some more Hotwheels and took some Implements of Carnage home with him, this will hopefully become a tradition.