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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday 20 February 2024

2nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers


I currently live in Wisconsin in the heart of the Midwest and one of the most notable Union formations of the American Civil War is the Iron Brigade. One of its founding units was the 2nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers raised at Camp Randall, which is still there and although it's now the UW Badgers Football stadium, but there are plenty of Civil War era cannons on the grounds, so that is a bonus!

The regiment was heavily engaged with the Army of the Potomac and suffered more casualties as a proportion of its total enlistment than any other Union Army units.

The models are all from the Crusader Miniatures range are both characterful and a delight to paint. However, although the frock coats and 1858 Dress Hat are great, but they probably should have linen gaiters to represent the 2nd Wisconsin.

To give a bit of variety I did some of the men in the older issue dark blue trousers and some in later light blues, I also mixed it up a bit with the water bottle and strap colours.

The flags are from GMB Designs, and after previous efforts I managed not to get a chalky varnish effect on these ones, by the simple expedient of not sticking them on until after the matt coat!


  1. They are very good indeed, never seen the Crusader ACW range before and they look very nice, good flags too, cracking unit.

    1. Thank you Donnie, it's not a huge range, but well worth a look.

  2. They look very nice indeed Paul - for Blue Bellies, that is!

  3. A splendid Union regiment there! They must score a morale bonus surely having been painted on home soil?

  4. They look splendid Paul…
    I really like the early full dress uniforms antebellum uniforms… They have a certain American style to them… If you know what I mean 😁

    All the best. Aly

  5. Nice no nonsense figures that you have turned into a fine looking unit.

  6. Loving your work.I really admire historicals, these look great.