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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday 31 October 2022

Halloween Candle Jacks


It's been over two and a half month since I last posted anything and what with the house move and everything the painting mojo has been low and the time to work on getting it back up has been limited.

Last week I picked up a pair of Candle Jacks from Northstar. On Monday I got a "sorry we missed you" from the Post Office and rescheduled delivery for Friday, we would be cutting it fine to get them done in time for Halloween.

The parcel eventually arrived on Saturday, I would need to crack on to get them done today. 

These are multi-part, but quite easy to put together with mitre-bond one of the one with sword and shield is a three part kit, the one with the axe a four part kit. The castings only took a little cleaning up.

After assembly and sticking on a 30mm Warbases base they were first painted with Vallejo Black Surface Primer and once that was dried given a heavy dry brush with Ivory.

The main body was done in a basecoat of Citadel Contrast Cygor Brown and then highlighted with VMC Beige Brown. The shaft of the axe and the back of the shield were done in Contrast Wyldwood, although strangely there is not much contrast between that and the Cygor Brown.

The vines were done in Contrast Dark Angels Green and the shield in Contrast Leviadon Blue and Nazdreg Yellow.

I then started on the heads, the Ivory was reapplied to give a clean base and then I painted the eyes and mouths with Contrast Iyanden Yellow, with the Ivory reapplied at the centre of the eyes. The Pumpkin skin part was done on Contrast Gryph-hound Orange with darker layers added in the recesses.

The weapons and shield rim and boss were picked out in Contrast Black Templar and then highlighted with a couple of layers of VMC Gunmetal Grey before being filthied up with Dirty Down Rust.

Once dry the base was finished and the figure given a coat of VMC Matt Varnish.

Happy Halloween

Wednesday 10 August 2022

T'au starter force

It's been over seven weeks since I last posted. In the meanwhile I have played many great games but have not had the time to record them.

I've also been making some slow process on painting a force of T'au for Warhammer 40K

Process has been very slow, initially I assembled all the force and then sprayed it all with Colour Forge Wight Bone paint and it was a fucking disaster. Everything went chalky and bobbly and over 200 pounds worth of figures almost went in the bin.

It was perfect conditions for spraying, a dry summers day with temperatures in the low twenties, so I'm not buying any of that "poor conditions nonsense."

I'll not be using that shit again, it's not like it's even a cheap alternative to the GW sprays.

After a trip to the Dettol bath and some meditation exercises I'd calmed down enough to start painting them.

Being a kid who grew up gaming thinking for myself I don't like being told what colour I need to paint Sci-fi figures so decided I wanted dark grey uniforms with black armour and then a bit of orange detailing.

I've not decided on a Sept yet, but am leaning to Farsight Enclaves.

Coldstar Commander with High energy burst cannon, Pulse rifle, Missile pod and Shield generator

The weapons are magnetised so I will be able to swap them out for other options

The Commander can be posed on a normal base or a flight stand

Cadre Fireblade with Fireblade Pulse rifle

Strike Team with Pulse rifles

Missile pod also has magnetised weapon options 

Strike Team with Pulse carbines

Again the missile pod has magnetised weapons options

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits

The Shas'vre has magnetised weapon options so can switch out for a Fusion blaster

Another unit of XV25 Stealth Battlesuits

Again the Shas'vre can swap between the options

Pair of TX4 Pirhanas

The gun drones can be detached and used separately

This lot allows me to field a 750pt force with a choice of a few options. I've got a few more bits in teh backlog to paint to take me up to about 1500pts.

First game tomorrow against Sams' Genestealer Cult.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy


I've added some another Fast Attack choice to Waaagh Scrivs with a Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy joining the Mob.

The current painting malaise continues and this took over two weeks of low intensity session to get finished, but I do like how it came out in the end.

Way too many photos, but enjoy.

The Orks have now broken through the 2000 points barrier so are way larger than originally planned, but at least I now have a load of options for our 1500 point games.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Waaagh Scrivs recruits some top boyz

It's really been almost a month since the last posting, I've played a couple of games, but have hardly painted anything as the mojo has been lacking. 

There are already more than enough choices for me to field some variance in our 1500pt games of Warhammer 40K, but I thought I'd like to add a few more options, so these have been on the slow-burn painting for a while now.

First chap is a Nob with Waaagh! Banner. Seventeen quid I tell ya, I must be made of teef!

As with all the resin Citadel miniatures it was a pain in the arse to clean up and while preparing to lay down the basecoat I snapped the banner just above the power fist and had to pin it. 

Overall I'm happy how it came out, but, it comes in at 70pts and does take an whole Elite slot up so I'm not sure how much use it will get.

Next chap is a Mek, hardly a steal at coff! sixteen quid! coff! Had I realised that I could have paid about £28.00 online for this chap and the Mek Workshop I would have expanded the terrain collection.

It is a nice enough model when made up and being plastic rather than crappy resin with will be a lot more resilient that the chap with the Waaagh banner.

I chose the Killsaw and Kustom Mega-Slugga option, he's already had one game against the Harlequins and came in dead useful armed like this. That Kustom Mega-Slugga can be nasty, especially when he is in engagement range with this tasty pistol.

Although taking another Elite slot the Mek is only a base 25 points so probably a lot more useful than the Waaagh! Banner.

Thursday 19 May 2022

Waaagh Scrivs and the Stinkies


Yesterday Peter and I met up at Warhammer World for another game of Warhammer 40K. I took the Orks as usual, Pete spun the roulette wheel of selecting from his many armies and used his great looking Death Guard.

Both of us had forgotten to pack our rule books, what a pair of supposedly mature chaps we are, so we decided to use Tempest of War for our game instead, which was great as I've been hoping to do that for a while.

We ended up with opposite quarter deployments and a capture/scan for the primary objectives. I cannot exactly recall what Peter used, some Warlord, a Psyker, another character, a unit of Terminators, two units of Marines, two huge units of Pox Walkers, a large vehicle with a mortar, two floaty flamer things and a buggy thing with plasma cannons.

I took Warlord, Weirdboy, two units of Boyz, two units of Beast Snaggas, one unit of Grots, a Mek, a unit of Nobs, two units of Deffkopters, two Deff Dredds and for the first time a unit of Killa Kans and the newly painted Trukk.

Pete took first turn and had a great first psychic and shooting phase, pretty much wiping out one of the units of Boyz, a couple of Deffkopters and a Killa Kan, but was unable to get any points from secondary's. I "First turn Waaaghed" and was into him quickly, a unit of Nobs was Da Jumped into his rear and the Boyz let rip with the shootas into the Pox walkers and charged mob handed, the Nobs tore into the plague shooting mortar thing. By the end of the turn I had picked up 10 points of secondary's.

Turn two and things got a bit messy, the terminators and unit of marines in reserve were bought on and the Trukk was badly shot up along with most of the Nobz, but remained in the game holding the objective. The damned pox walkers and some orb thrown at it put a ton of mortal wounds on my Warboss who expired, but the lads were generally still in the game. Peter was still unable though to score any of his secondary's and was rapidly burning through his CP.

In retaliation the remaining couple of Nobz mashed up the mortar thing some more and the Pox walkers were pretty much wiped out to a man, the Marines that charged my Trukk full of shooters took three wounds from opportunity fire, who says Orks cannot shoot, well me mostly!

Mission rules meant no Warlord, no CP for me so Deff Dredd and Kopters joined in the big mash up in the middle and put paid to a pair of the Deathguard characters while the other Deff Dredd joined in the Trukk fight and the Orks debussed into combat. Mush mashing up ensued.

The Deathguard Psyker survived but double sixed is next psyker test putting six wounds on the Deff Dredd and three wounds on himself!

We had to call at the end of turn four as I needed to get back to work, I'd been slowly racking up the primary points, but had really scored big on the secondary's giving the Orks a solid victory.

Great game again, we usually play every other week, but Peter is away next time so it's likely to be late June or July before we get to battle again.