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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Star Wars Legion: Breakthrough

Another Sunday and another chance to pit my rebels against Victoria's Imperials. This time we upped the forces a bit and were playing with 700 points.

The Imperials had Orson Krennick and an Imperial Officer, three identical units of Stormtroopers backed up by a team of Scouts, a section of Z-74 Speeder Bikes and the ever present Boba Fett.

My Rebels were Leia Organa and a Rebel Officer, four units of Rebel Troopers, a team of Rebel Commandos and a pair of AT-RT walkers.

The terrain was laid out and we drew a very basic battle plan. Breakthrough mission with Battle Lines deployment in Clear conditions.

Rebels occupy the rocky ground

My cunning plan of AT-RT with Flame-thrower and Comms jammer worked right up until I started rolling dice!

Rebels sneak up the left flank

Newly painted scouts, why are my newly painted figures so ineffective and Victoria's so good?

Orson Krennik confers with Boba Fett. One of my highlights was taking the Mandalorian down.

Imperial troopers use cover to sneak up their left flank

Bloody speeder bikes are everywhere and constantly denying me cover

"Go on sir, we'll cover you, you'll be ok"

"I'm sure there were more of us when we started"

The Rebel right flank is looking very thin. The R5 was destroyed before it could fix the AT-RT

At the end of the game, the Imperials had three units in my deployment zone to only one of mine in theirs, another solid victory to Victoria.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Star Wars: Legion - Orson Krennick & AT-RT

More painting on the Star Wars: Legion collection this week with a second AT-RT for my Rebels and Orson Krennick for Victoria's Imperial forces.

Like the last one, the AT-RT I worked up from a base-coat of Khaki washed with AP Strong Tone then added successive layers with more German Camo Beige added. Again I magnetized the weapons options so can field with a Rotary Blaster as shown in this photo.

This image shows the AT-RT Laser Cannon option for long range hittyness.

Finally the AT-RT Flamethrower option. I'm still a novice at the game, but I think that taking this weapon option and the Comms Jammer and walking into the middle of the Imperial forces may be a tactic I can get away with a couple of times.

I wanted to do something nice for Victoria, so when I picked up the AT-RT I bought for her a pair of Z-74 speeder bikes which I gave her, I also bought the Director Orson Krennick that I did not tell her about until I had gotten him painted.

What with all the black and white she already had to paint I thought I would do this one for her.

It's a great model that really captures the villain of the Rogue One film and I really enjoyed painting him.

Hopefully he will hit the table soon.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Specialists

Like buses there are no posts for over a week and then four come along all at once!

Victoria and I are still bitten by the Star Wars: Legion bug and I was having some "Specialist Envy" after Victoria fielded her Imperial Specialists so last week bought a set of Rebel Specialists for myself.

The first one showcased is a a 2-1B Medical Droid as seen fixing up Luke after his encounter with the Wampa.

He was not so successful in my last game though, my terrible defence dice saw the whole unit wiped out before he got a chance to fix anybody.

The second model is a Rebel Officer, I used this one as my Commander in Saturdays game against Victoria.

He suffered the fate of all newly painted figures and fell to my terrible run of defensive dice rolls!

The R5 Astromech Droid survived Saturdays game, mainly due to it being used as a terrain piece rather than as any part of my army.

I'm painting a second AT-RT at the moment, so I think that as we move up from 500 points this little fellow will see quite a bit of action in my forces as he attempts to fix the result of those defence dice that I'm so bad at!

Finally a Rebel Comms Technician.

You can probably already sense a theme here, and yes, she also fell in Saturdays game!

A nice set of four figures that add a little more to my Rebel forces. I'm really enjoying painting these although I probably have more than enough done at the moment and should start learning to play with what I have.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Hundred Years War: English (19)

At the same time that I did the French posted yesterday I also painted a dozen English Men at Arms.

I have a couple of reasons for doing this, I paint figures in small batches of four at a time and I like to have variety in my units, so if the 12 figures come from three batches of four they can have quite a 'samey' look whereas if I pick 12 from a batch of 36 they are less homogenous.

Another reason for doing all 36 at the same time is that I'm down to only two full cans of Testors Dullcote, so it's less wasteful to spray large batches, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a restock.

The standard is from Battle Flag and represents John Mowbray, the Earl of Nottingham. I over painted some highlights to make the red a little more vibrant.

Monday 20 April 2020

Hundred Years War: French (23)

I've been fairly quiet with the painting updates recently as I've been working on rather a large batch of Men at Arms for the Hundred Years War collection.

Today's post is the first two units that are added to the French forces.

First unit:

All the figures in both units are from the Perry Miniatures later Hundred Years War range.

The leader, standard bearer and musician in this group are from the Foot command standing pack. All the others are from the various plastic sets they have available for the Hundred Years War range.

Second unit:

Again the musician in this unit is from the Foot command standing pack, everything else from the various Hundred Years War Men at Arms frames they have available.

I do like the "Fancy Dan"closest the camera in this shot, decked out in his heavily gilded armour.

I'm now completely out of these sabot bases from Warbases and the next units shown will be on bases borrowed from existing units. When they re-open after the lock-down I'll get another order in.

Sunday 19 April 2020

Star Wars: Legion Recovering the supplies

Yesterday saw Victoria and I passing another afternoon playing another game of Star Wars: Legion. Like last time we both used 500pt forces.

My Rebels were a Rebel Commander, four units of Rebel Troopers and a unit of Rebel Commandos. R2-D2 and C3-PO would be adding to the fun.

Victoria went for pretty much the same victorious combination that she used last week. An Imperial Commander, three units of Storm Troopers, one unit of Speeder Bikes and Boba Fett for destructive killy-ness!

The Battlefield cards had us with the Recover the supplies objective, deploying with Advanced positions and with the Lost in the wilderness condition.

Terrain was laid out and the objectives scattered.

This week Victoria has painted a tower for the collection and I think she had made a rather excellent job of it.

Some scenes from the battle.

Rebel troops and their commander form a defensive position in support of operations

It was Victoria's idea to use her air-plants as terrain and I think they work quite well.

R2 and Boba Fett play hide and seek around the tower.

Rebel troopers prepare to outflank the Imperials.

Storm troopers, after me, durm, durm, durm, durm de durm, durm de durm,

Speeder bikes

Rebels check out a Imperial R4 but the supplies have already been claimed.

R2 actually survived this game.

Remains of the Rebel Commandos reach cover and survived the game.
Well we had a solid Imperial victory again. Things started to go bad for the Rebels when in the first shot of the game half of the Commandos were killed. My 'white defensive dice' woes continued; four failed saves from four hits saw the Rebel Commander taken out, another six man team of Troopers were taken out by six hits.

The less said about the red defensive dice the better, Boba Fett made every save that he was called on to make!

On the bright side, R2-D2 and C3-PO survived the game having claimed an objective token. Boba Fett left a trail of destruction including taking the bounty of the Rebel Commander.

But, with 4 lots of supplies tokens to the Rebels one it was again a solid victory to the forces of the Imperium.