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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Hundred Years War: English (18)

More reinforcements for the Hundred Years War English contingent with another unit of bowmen finished this week.

All are from Perry Miniatures, seven of them are from the English Army 1415-1429 set.

The remaining five are metal castings from their Agincourt to Orleans range.

I've tried to maintain a common theme through the unit with the dark red and/or dark green used on every figure in the unit.

The sabot bases are a custom order from Warbases, and I'm perilously low on stocks of these so will have to get another order in when they reopen.

A few close ups of the individual figures from the unit.

Victoria has also been busy this week, adding an Imperial Officer and Comms Tech to her Star Wars: Legion forces.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Hundred Years War: French (22)

I'm all out of figures to paint for the Star Wars: Legion project so it's back to the Hundred Years War project that I put on hiatus to crack on with that.

Another six French Men at Arms join the cause, as usual all from the Perry Miniatures Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29 set.

Like the previous one, the Knights are based on Renedra 45x20mm and then on the 80x60mm  sabots I ordered from Warbases.

This now brings me up to seven units of mounted Men at Arms for our To the Strongest! and Hail Caesar games.

I painted them in batches of two knights and two horses so there is quite a common palette on them.

Some of the individual shots of the knights.

A "Fancy Dan" with this plumed helmet

The arms from this one are off the foot Men at Arms frame, I think they fit quite well.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Another learning game of Star Wars: Legion

Victoria and I played another learning game of Star Wars: Legion on Sunday afternoon. Our last game was the basic learning game from the rules.

This time we took it up a small notch.

The Imperials played by Victoria now have three units of five Stormtroopers, one unit with an extra DLT-19 Stormtrooper. The Imperial Command Deck also included Darth Vaders cards.

My Rebels now had three units of Troopers, one unit with an extra Z-6 trooper. The Rebel Command Deck now included Luke Skywalkers cards.

The game area was still a 36" square but the hab unit was in the middle, in a corner of each deployment unit was a collection of supplies. After turn six the winner would be the one who had captured the enemy supplies, in a tie, the winner would be the one closest to the hab unit door.

Both sides rushed to man the barricades and a brisk firefight soon ensued.

First casualties were on the Rebel unit with the Z-6 who lost three men to accurate fire from Stormtroopers and Speeder-bikes.

With everybody in cover the AT-RT was not going to do much so started a wander up the middle of the table, he'd at least draw fire and may stop the Stormstoopers from manouvering.

The boss turned up to motivate the troops and the blaster fire did seem to get much more accurate.

Eventually, the AT-RT went down, that DLT-19 was especially deadly.

It was not all the Imperials way though, Luke took down the Speeder-bikes in a familiar fashion.

Luke then charged into the Stormtroopers but Darth Vader turned up and ruined his day.

With the clock running down, Darth relentlessly advanced across the table and made short work of the Rebel Z-6 unit, another turn would have seen them done for completely.

At the end of the game, neither side had captured the supplies and both sides were hanging around the entrance to the hab unit, so it was down to units lost. My Rebels had lost Luke and the AT-RT while the Stormtroopers had only lost the Speeder bikes. A minor victory to the Imperials but I will concede that Victorias minor victory was much more emphatic than my minor victory last time.

As we are now enforced "Stay at home" I'm sure we will get a lot more games in.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Star Wars: Legion - Jyn Erso

My final post for teh Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge X was a Jyn Erso to lead my Rebel forces for our Star Wars: Legion games. I picked her up at the local hobby store that still seems to be doing quite well in the circumstances and are offering both kerbside pickup and home delivery in the area.

She's quite drab, and I used a bunch of WWII colours to achieve this including Russian Uniform, Luftwaffe Uniform, Field Grey and Brown Violet but I think it's a close palette for her look.

I'm not that happy with how I painted her face so may go back and re-do that later.

 I'm not that happy with how I painted her face so may go back and re-do that later.

Also included with the priority supplies set is five packing crates that I finished off this morning. It's not that obvious in the photo but the light coloured ones have quite a lot of Aurebesh text on them for that Star Wars feel.

I've been looking to make some terrain for our games and I rushed this test piece out. The dome is florists "Oasis" covered in Polyfiller with a doorway made out of foam-core. The whole lot was sealed with PVA glue then primed and a quick paint job done.

Victoria and I plan to work on a lot more terrain for our games but it is a start. I just ordered a few 3D printed buildings from Etsy so hopefully they will be here in a few weeks.