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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Weirdboy and Beast Snaggas for the Mob

More reinforcements for Waaagh Scrivs with a Weirdboy and another unit of Beast Snaggas.

Although I think it's painted up OK, the Weirdboy model is horrible. I feel that I paid seventeen quid for a lump of anonymous resin and then had to carve a Weirdboy from it.

Has anybody told Games Workshop that resin casting techniques have come on a lot in the intervening years?

Anyways, my mob now has a bit of psychic punch and he did ok in the last game.

Also added was another mob of Beast Snaggas, I enjoyed painting the previous mob a lot and felt it warranted doing another.

These are great models, and unlike the Boyz they don't all need to be made in a specific way. For well over half of the models you can swap around the arms and heads.

I took this approach with the Boss I built. This is a really gnarly veteran, missing two limbs, has a plate in his head and another on his abdomen, this is  a scarred veteran of many fights who has been patched up by the Painboyz and sent back in.

I'm still using contrast paints but have been developing a few new techniques, on this ones animal skin, some sort of reptilian cloak, I did Creed Camo over my zenithal highlights, but then went back over many areas to highlight, repainting them in an off-white base then applying a 50:50 mix of Creed Camo and Contrast Medium.

I quite like how that effect came out and I used it on a few of the other models too.

The next trio are the chap with the Thump Gun and a couple of standard Beast Snagga boyz.

Like the Boss, I used a similar technique on the Thump Gun chap, this time from a base of Aggaros Dunes. I like how the rust effects have come out on these too.

For the second trio, I show a couple of custom builds, one with twin shootas and one with twin choppas demonstrating how the mixing and maxing of arms can achieve a bit of variety.

The lizard skin effect in this one did not use the thinned highlight, instead a base of Levidon Blue was 
edge highlighted and these areas reapplied with Talassar Blue

In this final trio, I thought that I should try some stripy pants to see how the Contrast Colour worked with them, it's a mix of Talassar Blue and Iyanden Yellow.

Rather fancy for an Ork, but I reckon he once 'et an 'Arlequin and turned out a bit funny.

These chaps will get their first game in tomorrow against James's Iron Hands, let's see how that works out.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Waaagh Scrivs and the Metal Men

Thursday evening was another bash at Warhammer 40K again, this time Sam would be using his Necrons, I would be using the Orks. Sam has at least three armies that I know of, previously I faced his Death Watch, maybe next time it will be Genestealer Cults.

Sam's 750pt list was (if my memory serves) a Necron Lord and a Technomancer leading two units of 15 Necrons with Gauss Flayers, a trio of scarab swarms and a Doomstalker. I'm not entirely sure of the culture used, but it gave them S5 on the Gauss Flayers within 12".

My Orks were led by a Warboss in Mega Armour and a Weirdboy, the units were two units of 10 Boyz, a unit of 10 Beast Snaggas, a unit of three Deffkopters and a Deff Dread. The Weirdboy had Da Krunch and Da Jump

We would be playing the No Mans Land scenario and for the first time for me, we would be using Secondary Objectives. I chose Investigate Sites, Mental Interrogation and Green Tide.

The Orks were the defenders so I set up a unit first, concerned about the early turns survivability of the Deffkopters in previous games I decided that they could be Swoopin'Down. I eventually deployed everything else on my right hand side.

The Orks started with a general dash forwards, with the Phychic phase seeing the first Necron falling and as I started surrounded by Boyz was able to also manifest Da Jump and launch the Beast Snagga's deep into the Necron deployment zone behind some cover, with the initial intent of scragging the Doomstalker. 

But, the Necron Lord had a trick of his own up his sleeve, gathering up a unit of Necrons in his cloak he redeployed them to flay the Beast Snagga's until only the Boss remained, I used the Insane Courage at this opportunity to keep the Boss in play and that would be decisive later on.

Sam had also rushed forwards the Scarabs to grab one of the central objectives. The Doom Slayer flayed the Deff Dredd, but, it remained in the game with three wounds.

Turn two and I declared a Waaagh, as is my way! The Necrons that had been swooped up by their Lord were charged front and rear by the remaining Beast Snagga and a unit of Boyz, Deffkopters swooped in mashing up the Scarabs who were then flamed then charged by the Deff Dredd

Beside the too far away Deffkopters, the only unit not to get into combat was the Warlord, who rolled, and rerolled, terribly for his charge moves.

In the ensuing combat many Necrons were mashed, but only the Scarabs completely destroyed.

Despite heavy losses in combat the Necrons were staying in the game well, especially with the constant resurrection of wounds on the Lord and the Technomancer, The Beast Snagga Boss was mashing up the Technomancer, but despite using the the Snagga Grapple stratgem the Technomancer slipped away towards the Lord and put three wounds back on him!

I now got too focussed on mashing up the Lord and instead of bagging easy objective points I instead charged the Deffkopters and Deff Dread in to finish of the combat, rookie move!

The Necrons finished the game with only their Lord and the Doom Slayer, totting up the points though, I had scored 25 points from objectives and only 12 points from secondaries, with the bonus making 47 my Weirdboy grabbing them all with Mental Interrogation. Sam had bagged 20 from objectives, but also 20 from his much better selected secondaries, adding the bonus for 50 points. 

The depleted Necrons were victorious.

Great game again, and I need to concentrate on picking better secondary objectives at the start, Green Tide I ask you in an army that only has 36 models! Paying more attention to securing objectives rather than mashing up the enemy would also help!

Monday 21 March 2022

More Boyz for the Mob

More Boyz for Waaagh Scrivs were completed over the past few days with another two units added to the warband.

Some heavy hand-to-hand hitters in the form of 10 Beast Snagga Boyz. Led by a Nob with Power Snappa, eight Orks with Shoota and Choppa and an Ork with a Thump Gun.

They are great models with some excellent details, each one is draped in the hide of some great beast and the figures are festooned with "teef" and glyphs. 

The Beast Snagga's are an equal opportunities mob, physical disability is no bar to membership, most of the figures have bionic limbs and eyes and there are signs of lobotomies and many scars from hideous wounds.

I liked painting these so much that a second box has already been purchased.

Having got a couple of games under my belt, I've come to the realization that if you are going to use Grots in your Ork force then you should go big or go home, so a couple of packs of Grots were bought and added to the force.

These Grots are certainly grotty models, the finish on the raw models is like a cheap plastic toy and there are loads of mould lines to be cleaned up. But, after a extended cleaning they do seem to come out ok.

There are not so many areas on these Grots for me to go nuts with the rust theme, but, I've added it where I can. 

Once the additional unit of Beast Snaggas are painted this will bring my Ork Mob nicely up to 1000 points with a few options for force selection. But, as I've so far only got one HQ choice, no Elite choices and only one each of Heavy and Fast Attack choices to go with the six troop choices I can see a few other bits and bobs being added.

Sunday 20 March 2022

Crumpin' into a storm of steel

Thursday was another outing for the Orks, this time against Matt and his Crimson Fists. 

Both forces were 750pts. I had my force of Warboss in Mega Armour, Runtherd, 10 Grots, unit of 14 Boyz, unit of 17 Boyz, 3 Deffkopters, Deff Dredd with 4 Dread Klaws. Matt had (IIRC), Captain, 5 Marines with Plasma, 5 Marines with Assault Bolters, 5 Marines with Heavy Bolters, Dread with Gatling Cannons, Trike with Heavy Bolters.

We randomized the Ransack mission and got set up. Matt was quite concerned about my Deffkopters so when I deployed them behind the building, Matt deployed a lot of his troops on his right flank, although my Kopters would be more vulnerable than I hoped this had a positive impact on the battle for me.

Matt won the first turn and opened up with everything, by the end of the first turn my ablative Grots and my right flank Boyz were gone and one off the Deffkopters was dead. I would not be advancing into that firing line.

In my first turn everything went hide behind over, I would at least make Matt move to be able to unleash that firepower on me again, my Deff Dread was most advanced, hiding behind a building waiting to get the jump on the Assault Bolter Marines. In his turn, Matt moved up but was no longer in such a target rich environment. 

At the start of my turn I bagged fifteen points for the objectives, and called a Waaagh. The Deff Dredd lumbered into the Assault Bolter Marines and the remaining Boyz piled onto the Trike, by the end of the turn I'd mashed up two of the Marine units and extended the range to the other Marines. In his turn Matt shot up the Deff Dredd and caused some mayhem among the remaining Boyz but they survived.

I spent the remaining turns hiding behind terrain from Matt's gun-line, but, having bagged fifteen points in objectives earlier and with Matt deploying in a position that was advantageous for shooting, but not so for scoring objective points I won the game in a most un-Orky way.