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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday 31 May 2021

Generals Prince Jerome Bonaparte, Quiot and Marcognet

Perry Miniatures do a rather lovely set of French divisional commanders.

The first Divisional commander is Général de Brigade Baron Joachim Jérôme Quiot du Passage who  was placed in command of the First Division of d'Erlon's First Corps after Alix the divisions intended commander accepted another role.

The figure based with him is an officer from the Perry Miniatures French infantry set with a simple head swap.

On to the next one.

The second Divisional commander of the trio represents Général de Division Baron Pierre-Louis Binet de Marcognet who commander the Third Division of D'Erlons I Corps during the Hundred Days Campaign.

The figure he is based with is a Porte Fanion from Brigade Games who seems a characterful chap to be accompanying Marcognet.

And finally

The final one of the trio is Général de Division Prince Jérôme Bonaparte youngest brother to Napoleon and commander of the Sixth Division of Reille's II Corps. As I am concentrating on I Corps it's likely this fellow will be doing double duty impersonating somebody else.

The companion on the base is the last of the remaining officers from the Victrix artillery set and has been given an Eagle from the Perry infantry set.

I had better get cracking on with some more rank and file, cannot have too many chiefs!

Sunday 30 May 2021

1st Kings German Legion Light Infantry


Suitably enthused by Mondays game I was wanting to crack on with my own 100 Days campaign collection so finished off these KGL Riflemen that I had picked up from Brigade Games a couple of months ago.

The pack is sold as King's German Legion Sharpshooters and as they have plumes rather than pop-poms and straight cut cuffs I think they are likely supposed to represent riflemen from the 1st Kings German Legion Light Infantry.

No matter what they are they are lovely sculpts that will fill out my skirmish line nicely.

Friday 28 May 2021

D'Erlons attack on Mont St.Jean

While I was living in Wisconsin I've been playing Martyn quite a lot at Command and Colours: Napoleonics using Vassal, but we are both big fans of General d'Armee and we had made tentative arrangements to get a game in when I was back in the UK.

With the Corona Virus restrictions lifted I was able to get over to Martyn's on Monday for a game. Martyns collection for the 1815 Hundred Days Campaign is much larger than mine and as my troops are still in a container hopefully somewhere mid-Atlantic all the figures pictured are from his collection. 

In preparation Martyn had set up the table and laid out all the troops for the the attack on Mont St Jean scenario in the Hundred Days campaign supplement

I would play the French and Martyn the Anglo-allies.

The attack started as expected with the Grand Battery on the southern ridge launching an Artillery Assault while the French skirmishers swarmed into the valley ahead of the columns.

Martyn made the eminently sensible decision of about facing Bylandt's brigade and retiring them over the hill although not before they had been severely set upon by the artillery. The British artillery also suffered badly, the  Royal Artillery 9pdr Battery destroyed outright and the Dutch-Belgian battery badly damaged and forced to retire behind the ridge.

The Royal Horse Artillery battery fared badly too, the first rocket misfired and careened into the 1st KGL Lights while the second rocket prematurely ignited on the frame exploding and scattering the crew!

With no Anglo-allied units visible on the ridge the French columns pressed on, Bourgeois's Brigade scattering the 95th Rifles from their position in the Sandpit and Donzelot supporting his skirmish line with one of the battalions of the 13th Leger cresting the ridge and forcing the troops of Bylandt's brigade to retire and be replaced by fresh troops of  Kempt's brigade

On my right I did not fare so well, both Grenier's and Marcognet's Brigades had some terrible commands rolls and wasted a lot of time milling around at the foot of my ridge. Taking advantage of this chaos Martyn was able to reinforce Best's Hanoverians with Lamberts Brigade making that end of the line a much tougher prospect

Just as I got my right flank motivated again, The British Union brigade appeared in the valley and launched themselves at them, again halting my advance and forcing me into square. However, Gobrecht's lancers threw themselves in a seemingly futile attempt to support the infantry and were performing much better than expected!

In this shot you see just how lucky I was and how unlucky the Union Brigade was as the 4th Lancers roughly handle the Eniskillens.

Even when they did win the combats the Union Brigade seemed to regularly go Unformed and the Grand Battery was able to exact their toll on them.

Both sides seemed to be exceptionally fortunate for rolling double sixes at many opportunities, but the double ones were also in abundance for both of us. 

With the cavalry stalemate in the centre the Infantry were able to push on, but fighting over the ridge with the support from their artillery neutralised the French were suffering against the solid British lines.

We took a break for lunch and then were back into the fray.

There was a brisk action around Le Haye Sainte that went on for most of the game and I'll cover here as a footnote, Quiot's brigade was able to use concentrated musketry to eventually force 2/KGL Lights from their stronghold, but they dithered as they were about to take the farm and 1/KGL Lights were able to replace them. 

A massive, but inconclusive cavalry melee between the Cuirassiers of Milhaud and Somerset's Guards took place to the west of the farm.

We played for about seven hours before I had to call it a day to get home to start work, in that time we had managed fourteen of the twenty turns of the battle. At this stage it would probably count as a minor victory to the Anglo-allies, a few of their infantry brigades had been roughly handled, the Union brigade was on it's last legs and their artillery support was gone, but their best infantry was fighting on the rear slope of Mount St. Jean and none of the French infantry were in a good position or shape to break through them.

Martyn has a fantastic collection of figures and terrain and I hope we can do this again soon.


Sunday 23 May 2021

Battle of Barnet 1471

Quite the milestone yesterday when I had my first game out of my family bubble. Victoria and I have played a few games of Star Wars: Legion* while in lockdown, but yesterday I ventured over to Toms' in Sherwood to join him and James for a game as part of the #WorldWarRoses event, playing a Battle of Barnet game.

Almost all of my medievals are still in transit from Wisconsin, so I was only able to contribute a single unit of bowmen, but fortunately Tom, James and Martin have got rather a lot of their own stuff done.

We played using James's own Midgard rules that, although it was my first game with them, work very well for the period. James commanded the Yorkists while Tom took the Lancatrians, this rusty general was entrusted with Gloucesters command on the right flank of the Yorkist army. The deployments were managed by twitter poll and we then rolled a +/- dice and the whole Yorkist army wandered two base widths to the right in the fog.

The command rolls were affected by the fog, with units needing to pass on a 4+ rather than a 3+ but we were soon into action In the centre Edward and Warwick were soon battering away at each other, both commanders eventually surrounded by the bodies of their dead Men at Arms. 

On my right my Billmen soon saw off Oxfords archers but my Men at Arms made heavy going against his Billmen, suffering many setbacks until finally my own Billmen were able to support the fight and turn the tables, although Gloucester was gravely wounded he survived the day and took Oxfords surrender, a pretty ransom shall be collected!

A great days gaming with some good old friends!

*It was nice to be on the winning side for a change ;)

Friday 21 May 2021

Cold War Soviets for Seven Days to the River Rhine

For quite some time, Martin and I have talked about playing some Seven Days to the River Rhine when I got back to the UK. I'd initially picked up the rules at The Other Partizan while visiting in 2019.

After some Facebook messaging Martin and I decided to play our games in the approximate 10mm scale that is supported by Plastic Soldier Company, Timecast, etc. with Martin putting together a small force of British while I would put together a small force of Soviets.

Martin picked up some of the PSC Northag British and was less than whelmed with the quality of the castings, forewarned I decided to go the Timecast route.

Be warned the Timecast site is rather dated, but worth persevering as the models though are lovely, the vehicle hulls and a few of the turrets are cast in resin with the remainder of the parts in metals.

My force is based around a well supported Motor Rifle company in BTR-60PBs

Company command in BTR-60PB

First platoon of three sections in BTR-60PB

Second platoon of three sections in BTR-60PB

Third platoon of three sections in BTR-60PB

First platoon of T-64B

Second platoon of T-64B

Air defence: ZSU-23-4 Shilka and BRDM-2/SA-9

Recon: BRDM-2s

Anti-tank: BRDM-2 with AT-5 Spandrel

Communications: BRDM-2U

An extra platoon of dismounted infantry

Support: AGS-17 grenade launcher teams

Support: pair of SPG-9 recoilless rifle teams, pair of mortar teams and an observer

Support: AT-4 Spigot teams

There is rather a lot of stuff here and I've more than doubled our initial target of getting a about six hundred points a piece painted.

I have another platoons worth of transports on order and I have a few more figures to paint up to finish off this force and they should be on the blog soon. I also need to sort out some suitable terrain too, all mine is suitable for either 28mm or 6mm gaming, some of the latter is likely to come in useful. 

Wednesday 19 May 2021

French artillery officer

After painting the artillery battery, I had the three officer figures remaining, one of them was used in an infantry battalion, but this week I did another as a single figure, to use as either a leader in our Sharpe Practice games, or as a marker for the "big battle" games.

Like the other Vicrtix figures he's a lovely model once assembled, but they seem to have a few more mold lines compared to the Perry Miniatures ones so take more cleaning up.

I like the pose, looks like he is cupping his hand to make himself heard over the gunfire to he half-deaf gunners.