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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday 30 October 2015

(SALE) Iran-Iraq War collection

In the process of rationalising my collection I'm selling off my collection of Iran - Iraq War forces.

Nearly all models are from the Heroics & Ros 1/300 range while some are GHQ. All were painted and based by myself.

186 Vehicles
8 Guns
79 Infantry and support weapons
4 Aircraft
3 Helicopters

They are also usable for other conflicts and for example have done double duty as Egyptians, Syrians, etc. against chum Micks Israelis.

I am looking for £250.00 GBP for these.

I will post worldwide.

(SALE) Cold War Soviets and United States - SOLD!

In the process of rationalising my collection I'm selling off my collection of Cold War US and Soviet forces.

All models are from the Heroics & Ros 1/300 range and were painted and based by myself.

US Army
104 vehicles
42 Infantry and support weapon stands
1 Aircraft
2 Helicopters

The majority of the vehicles are painted in the MERDC Verdant scheme, but some are in the later plain green.

11 MERDC Command/Observer stands
10 MERDC M113
14 MERDC Bradley
2 MERDC M901
1 MERDC M113 & TOW
3 MERDC M113 & Mortar
2 MERDC Jeep & TOW
1 MERDC M60 Bridge-layer
3 MERDC M109
3 MERDC M110
1 MERDC Chaperalle

7 Command / Observer stands
3 M1
13 Bradley
2 Hummer
3 M109

26 Infantry teams
3 Dragon teams
2 Stinger teams
3 TOW teams
3 MMG teams
4 Mortar teams
2 Scout teams

2 Huey Cobra
1 A-10

Soviet Army

To oppose these Americans are a collection of Soviets from the same era.
84 vehicles
41 Infantry and support weapon stands
2 Aircraft
1 Helicopter

9 Command / Observer stands
9 T-62
9 T-80
2 ZSU-23-4
1 SA-11
18 BTR-70
3 BMP-1
3 BRDM-2
1 BRDM-2
1 SA-9
2 BM-21
6 2S1

27 Infantry stands
3 Mortar


 I am looking for £150.00 for the US and £125.00 for the Soviets or both for £250.00


I will post worldwide.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Baggage (1)

I picked these up for Tony last year at Crisis from Gripping Beast. I've not been that enthused to paint them of late, but I got the first installment done over the weekend.

First up is a wagon laden with barrels with a choice of either a Viking or earlier Saxon to lead the team.

Next is a hand-cart and a couple of Viking civillians.

I hope to make a start on another handful of guards and civilians when I get back from the US.

Monday 19 October 2015

Another dozen International Brigade.

On Thursday I picked up another dozen of the Northstar International Brigades. I really must reiterate from the last post, these are lovely figures that are a joy to paint.

I cleaned them up on Friday evening and gave them a spray of grey primer before going to the gym. After getting back from the gym I did the basecoats and gave them a wash of Vallejo Sepia.

Saturday morning I was up quite early and before Victoria had awoken I had done the highlights. On Sunday I finished off the bases and gave them a blast of Testors Dullcote after work.

I do my Junior Leaders on a larger 25mm base so that they stand out a bit, I think this chap looks quite the hard bitten veteran.

I have done another LMG section with a Chauchat.

Nine more rifle armed guys complete this batch.

I have changed a couple of colours from those used to paint the last batch, the grey-blue is Luftwaffe Uniform and the tan colour is US Tan Earth. All from the Vallejo Model Colour range.


On Thursday evening at the White Hart Karl from Northstar was kind enough to give myself, James (Woodward) and Reg? an introductory game of Frostgrave.

We drew lots and I would be the Necromancer, the others drew (IIRC) Elementalist, Witch and Warlock. We all had a retinue of two men at arms and an archer.

Each player rushed to grab the closest treasure token to my left Reg was busily building walls while I was Bone-Darting everybody in sight.

My archer took a potshot at James's Warlock and in return was blasted by a hail of magical grenades that fell among my party. However, one of my Men at Arms had grabbed some treasure and was making away with it.

James foolishly put his Warlock in line of sight. I failed to cast, decided to burn health to make it successful and blammo - rolled a 20 and his Warlock was blasted to atoms :)

James had a little sulk and was then trading blows with Karl's Witch who was severely wounded while my second man at arms made off with another treasure token.

By the end of proceedings I had made off with two treasure token and had obliterated James's caster so ran out the winner. Obviously then Frostgrave is a fantastic game :)

All the terrain and figures were painted and supplied by those lovely chaps at Northstar.

Saturday 17 October 2015

For Sale: 15mm WWII Germans

164 Plastic Soldier Company WWII German infantry and heavy weapons. All painted by myself in Vallejo Model colour, based on 2mm MDF with added Mini-Natur tufts etc. £75.00 plus postage.

I hate those bloody Brits!

Due to his shift pattern it's not that often that I get to play Lee but on Tuesday evening our schedules coincided so we arranged to play Chain of Command using our WWI collections.

Randomizing the mission we would play the Patrol scenario and as he has a new tank Lee would be the attacker. Playing out the patrol phase the jump-off points were placed as follows. British in blue, German in red.

The British had 10 points of force support so fielded a Whippet, two Stokes Mortars and a pair of Trench Brooms. I had a single point so added an extra MG/08 to one of my teams.

Although not allowed in the Patrol scenario I thought it was fine to deploy the Whippet so Lee kicked off with that.

An LMG section was deployed in the woods closest my edge while the rifle grenadiers deployed in the woods further away.

Knowing the power of the rifle-grenades and stokes mortars I resisted placing anything on the table until Lee deployed a rifle section next to the LMG section and started advancing on my position. I countered with a MG section that was soon rapidly depleted by the Stokes Mortars and Rifle Grenades - you would not believe how many sixes I rolled for casualties!.

Soon the MG section was pinned and down to a MG/06 team and single man and British rifle section were closing in so I deployed a rifle section and my Leutnant in that position  as I could see that is where the game would be decided.

The British gathered their forces and with a double phase prepared to launch the attack. The rifle section crept closer while mortar bombs and rifle-grenades rained down on my position, the MG team was broken but despite the casualties my riflemen held on.

The British launched their charge against my position, in a brisk action all my men were killed including the Leutnant, five of the British remained, I really had nothing much more to stop them exiting the table.

After consolidating their position in the trench the British took advantage of another double phase to break for the table edge and exit the game.

Bugger! It would be nice when playing against these damned Britishers if I could have some average dice rolls.

Anyhow, here is a nice  picture of my new dice tin bought when we toured Verdun in August. That will cheer me up.