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Sunday, 4 October 2015

El Cid Campaign Day - 21st November 2015

El Cid Campaign Day

I am pleased to invite you to a one day WAB 2.0 Campaign day at the Polly Bowls Club in Sutton in Ashfield on Saturday 21st November 2015. The cost of the day is £10.00 and includes a buffet lunch and teas and coffees throughout the day.

We currently have space for 12 players.
Arriving in the morning you will be split into (hopefully) equal sized factions and over the course of the day you will play three games of Warhammer Ancient Battles. Dependent on the results of the game you will either gain or lose territories and gold. The winners of the campaign will be the team of players who control the most territories, and the team that has amassed the most lucre.
If you are planning on staying over on the Saturday night, please let me know and we can arrange to go out for a curry.

Your Army

Players will pick a 2000 point list from the El Cid supplement. Chosen from one of the following lists:
The Age of El Cid
The Taifa Kings
The Almoravids
Your army must be made of representative models and be fully painted and based to a least a gaming standard. There will be a prize for the best painted army at the event.

Army List Submission

Please submit your lists by Sunday 10th November 2015  to 

During the day you will play in a mixture of singles and doubles games with different scenarios. If you would like to forge an alliance with any specific player or group of players for the event, please let me know and I’ll accommodate you. Else, you will be associated with an ally commensurate with your army and situation on the campaign map.

Depending on your game result you will lose or gain up to two of your territories and gain or lose gold.

Special Rules for the Campaign Day

  • With the release of WAB 2.0, units that are fleeing may not use the leadership of any character in the unit. Having spoken with James Morris, the author of the El Cid and Age of Arthur supplements, this is not intended and the leadership of any character in the unit may be used.
  • Light infantry who start the game deployed in skirmish formation may elect not to field a standard bearer, replace the model with a normal trooper.

Payment Details

Please may a Paypal payment to your place will not be confirmed until Payment is received.
Cancellations after Saturday 7th November will not be refunded.
If you have any special needs please contact me before the event and I will try to make any reasonable adjustments.


The event will be held at the Polly Bowls Club, Sports Ground, 10 Unwin Road, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, NG17 4HN.
From the South exit junction 28 of the M1 and follow the A38 Mansfield signs. Stay with this dual carriageway through all sets of traffic lights (this is a long stretch, easily five of six miles) until you come to a set of lights with a pub called the King and Miller and a Macdonald’s on your left. Filter left and go past McDonalds, turn left at the next set of lights and you are on Unwin Road, the entrance to the sports grounds are on your left, if you get as far as the Unwin Social Club you have gone too far.
The venue can be quite difficult to find as it is behind some buildings off of Unwin Road, however if you look out for the Rugby Club banner, go down the right hand side of the green-panelled building and drive around the rugby pitch the car park and bowls club building are at the bottom.

This is the entrance you are looking for, drive down the right hand side of that green-panelled building and around the sports pitches

'Satellite' image showing the location of the venue

Local Accommodation


Travelodge have an excellent hotel with plenty of rooms within five minutes’ drive of the venue, and you could walk it in five minutes. They’ve a lot of space and ample parking!
Telephone: 0871 984 6140
Address: Lakeside Point, Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield,
Nottinghamshire. NG17 4NP


A lovely hotel is the Pine Lodge, situated on the A60 Nottingham Road and thus (quite literally) two minutes from us by car or five minutes on foot. It has twenty bedrooms and various prices. Telephone: (01623) 622 308
Address: 281-283 Nottingham Road, Mansfield. NG18 4SE


A lovely Georgian mansion of a hotel set in fifteen acres of parkland, the Portland Hall is relatively difficult to find but worth it if you're not bothered how much you spend. It's about fifteen minutes from the venue by car.
Telephone: (0871) 716 1883
Address: Carr Bank Park, Windmill Lane, Mansfield. NG18 2AL


The Parkhurst Guest House, situated fifteen minutes from the venue by car, is really a bed-and-breakfast so it should suit those on a tight budget.
Telephone: 01623 627 324
Address: 28 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield. NG18 2AF


Next door to the Parkhurst is the Mansfield Guest House, and again if you prefer bed and breakfasts to hotels you can find none better in Mansfield.
Telephone: 01623 629 352
Address: 27 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield. NG18 2AF

Confirmed Entrants:

  1. Trev Allen
  2. Lee McColl
  3. James Morris
  4. Tom Webster-Deakin
  5. Keith Tait (paid)
  6. Darrell Hindley
  7. Simon Pope
  8. Richard Hampson-Smith

Unconfirmed Entrants:

  1. Philip Morgan
  2. Pete Plinston


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