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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Steves new Seleucids go To the Strongest!

Steve has had a break from the 40mm shiny toy soldiers and has painted some 28mm ancients for a change and rather splendid indeed they have turned out.

On Tuesday evening they had their first To The Strongest! foray.

We each picked a 140 point force, Steve from the Seleucid list and myself from the Later Carthaginians and set down upon the field of battle.

Both of us made initial breakthroughs with cavalry on the right flank, although Steve had kept his General and a unit of Agema in reserve for just such an occurrence. I had no such reserve, although was very fortunate in that once he had his cavalry on my flank they spent most of the time prevaricating.

I had really cocked up my deployment putting the Hoplites on my left, due to their special rule I had a right faff managing to extend my line on that side, but did eventually do so.

The lines of infantry clashed and as if often the way the combat ebbed and flowed with neither side maintaining an advantage for long. It was my first game against pikes and I must say that the 'if I hit you then you cannot strike back' rule is a bugger, although my African Veterans were supermen of my own.

An early lucky strike saw a Selecuid pike commander fall while Hannibal sustained a wound of his own. Myself and Steve also were wounded as we found out exactly how sharp those North Star pikes are.

The slog in the centre ground on and my Scutarii were soon free and able to turn in on the flank of the phalanx. Two phalanx fell quickly in succession, however, at about the same time the Agema had thrown off their harassing Numidians and were able to turn onto the flank of the Spanish.

On my left the Seleucid cavalry was also deciding to start taking part in the battle, the Skythians hared off towards my camp while the Companions and Agema threatened my rear.

This was going to the wire, I had inflicted far more casualties on the Selecuids and had lost no Victory Medals. But, Steve was in a very advantageous position. we could both win in short order. However, the laurels went to the Seleucids, the Skythians rampaged through my camp, the Companions mopped up two units of African Hoplites from the rear and the Agema did for the Spanish General - bugger!

It was good to see Steves' new toys in action though.


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