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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 31 March 2019

Hundred Years War: English (12)

It does feel rather strange not having to ready a post for Fridays Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge submission, this week freed from the benevolent dictatorship of Herr Robert I can make a leisurely Sunday morning post.

As you may suspect from my output of late it would be more Hundred Years War troops for the collection, this time a dozen more English Men at Arms fighting on foot with a variety of hardware.

Like previous submissions these are kit-bashed from any one of the four Perry Miniatures sets of plastics for the period and are really a joy to build. I'm working on more French in tandem with these so should have a mid-week post with another dozen French Men at Arms too.

 Here are some shots of the individual figures, all of the livery and heraldry is of my own design, but I try to use plausible designs.

We've now been able to have a couple of games of Hail Caesar with the collection and chum Drew and I are working on some house rules to give the rules a little more flavour for the period. I hope to be able to post them as a blog article over the coming week or so.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Hundred Years War: English (11)

While working on the French infantry I was also busy painting my last eighteen English archers that I assembled in sunny Florida while on vacation earlier this month. Fifteen of them were completed last week and made up part of my final entry in the 2019 Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge while the rest were done at the weekend.

As is my way lately these are not just made up from the Perry Miniatures 'English army' set but also include many bodies and heads from the 'French infantry' set as well as some components from the 'Mounted Knights' set.

I think the ability to intermingle the different sets does give a lot of variety to the builds that you can achieve.

These eighteen figures are painted in a mix of small batches in the same livery, while many are painted as individuals. Whereas some of my archer units have a common colour scheme these are meant to represent a rag-tag of troops thrown together in to ad hoc groups for the battle.

I painted 18 of these, even though my units typically are organised in twelves as I already had another group of eighteen done in a previous batch so six of these can be fielded with six of those to form a unit, else the groups of 18 could be used as large units for our Hail Caesar games.

As usual, each figure is individually mounted on a 20mm Renedra round base and then grouped on a movement tray that was a custom order to Warbases.

As they are all individually mounted as well as using them for big battles I can also remove them and use for skirmish games.

Here is a front and back shot of each of the individuals, the variety of poses does show some of the dynamic effects you can achieve by mixing and matching all the boxes.

The 'Cross of St. George' field sign is much in evidence, either on a white badge or sewn directly to the aketon.

I'm now on to painting the masses of foot men at arms I am going to need for this project, likely another dozen shall be needed for the English but I think about 36 more shall be done for the French

Monday 25 March 2019

Hundred Years War: French (12)

A few weeks ago I made a couple of French infantry with falchions and you can see them at the bottom of this post. I liked them so much that during my recent vacation I assembled another ten of them so that I could complete a unit of 12.

I tried to use as many of the dynamic running figures as possible for this group to give this set of figures the look of motion.

All are made using components from the English, French and mounted Knights sets from Perry Miniatures and as well as falchion some are armed with a standard sword, one is even armed with an axe.

I've painted a mix of liveries and plain clothing to give some variety to what I see as a group of pages and other troops supporting the men at arms in the attack. The 'Cross of St. Dennis' is quite prominent among this batch.

As usual, each figure is individually mounted on a 20mm Renedra round base and then grouped on a movement tray that I made a custom order to Warbases for.

Five of these made it under the radar for my final Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge post and the rest were completed over the weekend.

Some front and back shots of each of the troops.

Sunday 17 March 2019

Hundred Years War: English (10)

Recent holiday saw very little painting but much assemblage of Perry Miniatures plastics, including 30 more English bowmen. These mainly drew on the English Army 1415-1429 set but includes many bodies and heads from the Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set. I also got some use out of the mounted archer components in the Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29 set, if a bow is held in a right hand it's from that set.

Following on from the recent brown and green French spearman unit I painted this time I opted for the brown and blue livery of John Mowbray. The brown is off a base-coat of VMC Flat Earth and the blue is off a base-coat of VMC Medium Blue.

The unit movement trays are a custom order from Warbases, while the stakes are included in the English Army 1415-1429 set.

A close up of each of the individuals. I tried to maintain the blue-brown particoloured look but without applying the same livery to every figure.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Hundred Years War: French (11)

Before I went on vacation I had completed these French Pavisiers, but was waiting on the shield transfers from LBMS so that I could finish off the pavises, I really did not fancy trying to free-hand six identical shields.

Arriving back from our vacation in Florida on Tuesday we were able to pick up our post and the transfers were in - bingo! There was a slight problem though, this set is sold as to fit Perry Miniatures French Pavises. Unfortunately it's designed for the pavises provided in the metal range in this pack and this pack, not the plastic pavises that I am using. So this involved a bit of painting to fill in the gaps where they did not reach the ends, also some of the fleur-de-lys are bent around the sides of the shields.

This unit is painted in the half-red, half-brown colours of Lyon and the shield transfers used also represent the arms of the city of Rouen. I have enough transfers left to do units of Pavisiers for Tours, Lyon and Soissons so expect more units in the future.

The angle of the shot above catches almost all the brown and none of the red, making them look a completely different unit to the one in the shot below.

The pavisiers are a nice option to build out of the Agincourt plastics sets.

As usual, everything is a single figure on a 20mm round Renedra and sabotted into a Warbases custom movement tray.

Here are some detail shots of some of the individuals.