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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 5 December 2021

Gaslands: A trio of newcomers

While photographing the Routemaster for the earlier post I also took shots of the latest three vehicles that I added.

Honda Civic STI

Firstly a snot-green Civic for sentimental reasons.

This was armed with a single front firing machine-gun and the hood adorned with a supercharger intake, both from the Implements of Carnage set. 

The crewmembers are from the Corporate Team set. I've been using the machine pistol as a Magnum in my recent game.

Why a snot-green Civic Coupe? Well this was the car I owned when we were in the US:

Impreza SI

I picked this up from B&M when I got the Civic, it's pretty much untouched apart from the machine gun barrel pushed out front.

I don't think the light blue-grey paint job came out that well. Of all the vehicles done so far I reckon this is my least favourite.


Final one of the trio is a large buggy-truck thing that Roger gave me. I think it's from the Xbox Unleashed set that is available.

I cropped off the existing machine gun that Neil reused in his build here, replacing it with a pintle mounted one from Implements of Carnage. 

A huge IoC exhaust was also added to the build. The crew are from the Wasteland Warriors set also from North Star.

It's very big to use as a buggy so I think likely better suited as a truck than a car in the game so the three crew round it out nicely.

We are playing again on Thursday, I hope to get some use from these. 


  1. “Snot green”? Well, you would not misplace it in a crowded parking lot.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, when I moved to the US I realised most you all drive basically similar looking cars, I wanted something I could find in the parking lots ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jim, I think it's due a ride out on Thursday