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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Longstreet Campaign: The Battle of The New Glarus Turnpike 12th June 1863


Wednesday evening saw another game in our Longstreet campaign where drew and I played out an action at the New Glarus Turnpike.

Confederate forces
Major General Gerald P. Whippam (EP:23) is a 31 year old Floridian and is already a Veteran of the Indian Wars and is accompanied by his personal Scout who's reliably provided the best ground to make a stand in earlier engagements. At the Battle of Battle of Keller's Heights Doctor Thaddeus Marle joined the force as Whippam's Personal Physician

Unit Type Elan Experience Strength Notes
21st Virginia CAV Seasoned Veterans 6
19th Texas INF Eager Recruits 2
4th South Carolina INF Seasoned Veterans 5 Hero: Sgt. Jones
2nd Florida INF Cautious Veterans 3 Sharpshooters
8th South Carolina INF Seasoned Veterans 6 Sharpshooters
27th Georgia INF Seasoned Veterans 3
10th Maryland INF Seasoned Recruits 3
18th NC INF Seasoned Recruits 6
Battery D Georgia Light Artillery ART - - 3 Two 12lb smoothbore, one 6lb smoothbore
Battery A 3rd Virginia Artillery ART - - 2 One 12lb smoothbore, one howitzer

Union forces

Elias Rogers (EP:9) is a 29 year old graduate of West Point and had made a career as an Artillery Officer in the United States army. He is a Leading Abolitionist and is steadfast in the cause. The Irish Catholic Fire and Brimstone Preacher Father Seamus O'Riordan has seen fit to attach himself to Colonel Rogers staff.

Unit Type Elan Experience Strength Notes
26th New York CAV Cautious Veterans 3 Hero: Sgt. Benson
20th Maine INF Cautious Veterans 2 Hero: Lt. Chamberlain
39th Ohio INF Cautious Veterans 2
10th Iowa INF Cautious Veterans 6
2nd Wisconsin INF Seasoned Veterans 6 Amalgamated with 15th VT
27th New Jersey INF Eager Recruits 8 Old Reliables
55th Massachusetts INF Eager Recruits 10 Colored troops
Battery B 6th US Artillery ART - - 3 One 6lb smooth-bores, Two light rifles
Battery E 10th Pennsylvania Artillery ART - - 3 One 12lb Napoleon, two heavy rifles

Randomising a scenario we would be playing the Crossroads game, which is quite handy as my gaming cloth already has one painted on it! Rolling for scouting my Scout failed yet again - he probably has in half the games we played in this campaign - so Drew chose to attack. Truth be known, with all those tiny units in my force I would have likely chosen to defend anyways.

The terrain was laid out as below, looking from the attackers side to the defenders.

With his superiority in artillery, more, guns, better guns and his Artillery Officer, I though I should try to deploy n a way that would preserve my troops from the devastating effects of the preparatory bombardment he would subject me to before launching his larger infantry regiments at me.

As was expected any troops that were initially deployed in sight of the Union guns immediately cam under fire so I had to withdraw them into cover and let the union troops march on while trying to inflict a few casualties of my own.

My broke box was filling up fast though as the tiny two and three stand units only had to lose a base or two to be broken. My plan though involved trying to cause as much damage as I could on my right flank with the 21st VA, 4th and 8th SC who were not in sight of the guns.

It was to nought though, the 27th NJ dislodged the 8th SC from their positions in the woods. On my left the 10th IA had swept aside the 19th TX then their charge drove the Batt. D GA Lt. Art. from the table and in the centre the badly battered 55th MA supported by the 20th ME held the crossroads.

For the first time in the campaign Whippam had been Whipped!

For his skilful handling of the troops Rogers was immediately promoted to Major General!

A few more shots from the game, thankfully Drew took rather a lot as I did not get too many myself.




  1. Looks like a resounding victory for Rogers. How could the Rebels’ attack been different when facing the Federal guns?

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I think I was doomed either way. I could likely have tried to cover my advance with terrain.

  2. Lovely looking battle, surely due a union victory?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, it was a long time coming and long overdue

  3. Very nice. Gotta love Mustafa's games. He just came out with a card game and announced upcoming LaSalle 2!!

    1. Thanks Jim, his games are very accessible and give a good game.