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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An introductory Trafalgar game

A quick blog update as I try to catch up some of the games I have recently played.

Ian had asked if he could have an introductory game of Trafalgar, so we met up at the White Hart last Thursday and I set up a simple action.

We would both have a pair of Third Rates, I take be the French with an 80 gun ship and a 74 gun ship, Ian would have the Royal Navy with a 74 gun ship and a 64 gun ship (you cad I hear you say, well read on).

From experience I find that this is usually a well matched pair of ships for an introductory game. Not so in this case. Ian opened up with the traditional beginners luck, and I spent many turns on fire, with jammed rudders or just unable to shoot. After about a dozen turns I had one ship completely de-crewed and the other sailing off into the distance with broken rudder lines. Ian had taken no damage on his 64 and only moderate damage on his 74, a resounding victory to the Royal Navy.

Here are a few shots from the game, the ships are all 1:2400 scale from Tumbling Dice painted by myself.