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Saturday, 15 September 2012

A battalion of Regiment de Champagne

After the great Sunday Cake Club Blenheim game I was invited to a few months ago I was determined that I'd turn up to the next game with at least a brigade of standard French infantry painted.

I ordered a battalion deal from Ebor Miniatures and was so impressed with the sculpts that I purchased another three battalions.

Anyhow, other projects got in the way and I've been doing work on these in fits and starts over the past three months.

After a basing session yesterday I managed to get these varnished and photographed today. Looking at the images I think though that I'm going to need at least another spray of matt varnish.


  1. Very very nice, have just recently ordered some figures from ebor myself.

  2. Great looking unit, can't wait to see the others

  3. Thanks chaps. I hope to get at least another unit done before our next game, but there are so many other distractions. 6mm AWI, 28mm WWII, 1/600 WWII Air, the list is endless :-)