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Thursday, 24 January 2013

And some Japanese to fight against them with

When I did the first sixteen figures for the 14th Army I also did 17 Japanese to go with them. The Assault Group do a deal that give you free figures so I had the spare chap with the shovel.

Like with the 14th Army chaps, I purchased another set of figures after I completed these and still have another 24 Japanese to paint, including some LMG's and the Knee Mortars.

These are painted as follows with Vallejo Model Colour:

Japanese Uniform: 923 - Soft hats, tunics, trousers, socks
Green Brown: 879 - Puttees, Sun Hats, Helmets, Packs, Straps
Dark Sand: 847 - Helmet Cloths
Saddle Brown: 940 - Belts, Binocular Cases, Pistol Holsters, Shoes, Rifle Stocks, Bayonet Handle, Ammo Pouches, Helmet Straps
Black: 950 - Bayonet Scabbard, Bayonet, Barrel, Lock, Some Shoes, Water Bottle, Hair
Gunmetal Grey:863 - Bayonet
Tan Yellow: 912 - Exposed Flesh
Flat Green: 968 - Leaves
Flat Yellow: 953 - Helmet Star
Dark Sand: 847 - Helmet Netting

Once the figure is base coated I give the figure a wash of Vallejo Sepia Wash. Once dry I apply the highlights as follows:

Japanese Uniform: 923 - Highlight with Japanese Uniform: 923 and then a mix of Japanese Uniform: 923 and Ivory: 918
Green Brown: 879 - Highlight with Green Brown: 879 and then a mix of Green Brown: 879 and Dark Sand: 847
Dark Sand: 847 - Highlight with Dark Sand: 847 and then a mix of Dark Sand: 847 and Ivory: 918
Saddle Brown: 940 - Highlight with Saddle Brown: 940 and then with a mix of Saddle Brown: 940 and Dark Sand: 847
Black:950 - Highlight with Black Grey:962 or Highlight with a mix of Gunmetal Grey:863  and Black:950 for the bayonets and rifle fittings, then bayonets are then further highlighted in Gunmetal Grey:863 and Silver:997
Tan Yellow: 912 - Highlight with Tan Yellow: 912 and then again with a mix of Tan Yellow: 912 and Ivory: 918
Flat Green: 968 - Highlight with Flat Green: 968 and then with a mix of Flat Green: 968 and Dark Sand: 847

Line with Peat Brown Ink: Faces, Fingers, Musculature, Rifle Split, Strapping, Fastenings, etc.

Japanese Officer

Japanese Officer

Japanese Officer

Japanese Officer

Japanese Rifle Section

Another view of that section

Another Rifle Section

Another view of the second section
 I hope to get the rest of the Japanese done over the next few weeks.