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Friday, 18 January 2013

Pre-release Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings

Good mate Johnny is just about to release a range of Vikings under the Shieldwall Miniatures brand and was kind enough to send me some pre-release sculpts, enough for a four-point Saga warband.

The figures are all sculpted by Colin Patten and distribution will be handled by Gripping Beast.

On Friday morning these arrived in the post, I could not wait to get at them with the X-Acto, files and super-glue. The figures are really clean casting and full of life so after a few minutes work, here are the results:

Viking Warlord

Eight Viking Hirdmen

and from the side

Eight Bondi

and from the side

Another eight Bondi

and from the side
 They were then taken out to the garage and given a light coat of Halfords Matt White primer:
All cleaned up and sprayed with primer ready for some paint.

Ready to start painting and then go a-Viking
After this I gave the figures a wash of Vallejo Beige Brown thinned with Vallejo Glaze Medium and water, once dry I was ready to start painting.

Bondi with a thin glaze of brown and ready to be painted.

Hirdman with a thin glaze of brown and ready to be painted.
My technique is to rough in a base-coat, wash with Vallejo Sepia Wash and then highlight up with two or three highlights.

Over the course of the weekend I painted all 25 of these stout fellows and my next post on this subject will be some painted images.


  1. Is it the photos Scrivs or are these quite broad in the beam as it were?

  2. I think it must be the photos, as they painted up lovely.

  3. Very nice! They will fit in well with my gripping beast army

  4. The Hirdmen and Bondi look great. I'm not as impressed with the Warlord. Looking forward to seeing them painted up. :-)

  5. Thanks, I'll get the painted shots up soon.

  6. Very nice! Thank you for sharing as I've never seen this technique before. The final results are superb.