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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Some new speed-painted Berbers

In my whole 'I'm not starting any new projects' denial of last year, mate Lee practically forced upon me* some El Cid Moors from Gripping Beast that he was never going to paint.

They have sat in a box for a few months, but tomorrow at the Cannon show in Retford, James, Tom, Matt and myself are putting on a Battle of Valencia game, I already have a whole load of Christian Spanish painted, what's the harm in painting up a couple of units of Berbers to use.

I used a speed painting technique of Halfords grey primer, roughed on base-coat followed by a coat of Vallejo Sepia wash and a couple of highlights.

I tried to use a very limited pallet using a main colour of Dark Sand for mist of the figures and then did some small detail in Intense Blue, Golden Brown and Black. The spear are painted Green Ochre to represent bamboo and the bows / leather work are painted Saddle Brown.

Here are some photos of the two units.

*This may be a fib, I am very weak willed :-)