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Sunday, 6 October 2013

First Adler ACW in at least 18 months

Dismounted Confederate cavalry
The last time I painted any Adler ACW was February 2012 while on holiday in Cornwall when I painted eight bases each of Union and Confederate cavalry. As mentioned in a previous post I've lately been rather busy with work and other events so only had limited time to do any painting.

This past week or so I've done the dismounted figures and horse holders to go with that unit and another 16 casualty / disorder markers.

Dismounted Union cavalry
The Adler ACW are fantastic for painting in short bursts, I did each the two units of dismounted cavalry in about an hour an evening over two separate weekends, the horse holders in one lunch break and the casualties in another. The basing took about an hour on another evening. All in all about four hours work to take them from sprayed black to this state.

I enjoyed painting them so much I bought another load of Adler ACW at Derby last weekend.

Dismounted Confederate cavalry

Dismounted Union cavalry

Confederate horse-holders

Union horse-holders

Casualty markers, both Union and Confederate