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Friday, 18 October 2013

Treasure from the colonies!

I arrived back in the UK yesterday morning with my suitcase seams straining under the pressure of the additional purchases I had made while in Madison, WI.

Most of the goodies were bought as presents for my wife, mainly craft and baking stuff, so nothing to report on here, but I did get the opportunity to pop to a couple of game stores to fulfil my own 'itch'

I had done some prior recce using Google and had noted that both Pegasus Games and The Last Square were both located about half a mile apart on Odana Road. My colleague Julien from the Lyon office is also a gamer, so we arranged for a colleague to drop us off at Pegasus games.

In Pegasus I picked up a copy of the Guillotine card game ($16.95) that Martin had recommended to me but seems to be out of print in the UK and I also picked up an A-Wing ($14.95) and a Tie Bomber ($14.95) for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, these were a bit of a saving on the usual UK price of about £11.00 each.

Juilien is mainly a Role playing and card gamer and managed to pick up an RPG supplement that had had been looking for, but was disappointed with the pricing on quite a few items, most of which he could get cheaper in France.

Wisconsin even has a restaurant for Zombies!
We then set off to walk to The Last Square, of course as there are two ways to walk along Odana we initially chose the wrong direction and after about half a mile came to a T-junction where Odana ended so turned around, walked back past Pegasus and on towards The Last Square.

Along the route we did find this place that seems to be a restaurant specialising in Zombie catering.

I also popped into a cook shop while we were walking along to pick up some Halloween goodies for Victoria.

After about 15 minutes we arrived at The Last Square which is quite a bit larger than Pegasus Games, being about three frontages rather than just the one, a Games Store, an Annex and a Hobby Depot.

Here I picked up a Tie Interceptor ($14.95) and a Noble Games gaming mat ($31.95), the latter was for Jon who had noticed that they had been reduced from $39.95 to $31.95 on The Last Square webstore . The store did not initially want to give the 'internet' discount so it was almost not purchased but they did agree to do that so John now has his cloth which I will pass on in the next couple of weeks.

 So here is the treasure from my trip to the colonies.