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Sunday, 12 June 2016

El Cid Painting Update - 12th June

This weeks I have been concentrating on doing more figures for the Christian contingent. Firstly a load of pilgrims that can either be used as a unit of levies or just use the stand alone bases for diorama in my baggage camp. These are all from the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range and are a mixture of the unarmed and armed.

This one looks like she has more than enough on and ravening Moors are probably the least of her troubles.

If not using them as a unit I plan to scatter them around my villages and baggage camps.

I've added another five Caballeros to the collection, again these are all from the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range. I'll be adding more of these next week and another five are already underway.


Hopefully, another update next week, the week after may be a little less productive as I shall be away on business for most of it.

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